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OCD taking over my life


Hi I m a thirty year old male that has suffered with depression anxiety and ocd for the last ten years I ve had cbt and it was generally getting better until last year when my partner was getting married in london the lead up I completely freaked out and got myself in such a state with fear and ocd I eventually pulled out of it the last minute the fear and panic took over I went to see a counsellor after that which helped for a bit then my partners dad had terminal cancer and I dealt with that every step of the way back and forward s to the house and hospital looking after him and when he died and everything had calmed down a bit the depression anxiety and ocd come back with a vengeance and the funeral I ve already put myself to work in the morning because I cant handle the cremation part so I ve whittled it down to an hour service my ocd and anxiety has controlled my life I cant seem to ride over those panic attacks if anyone has got any tips or knows of anything that will help It will help me to learn a way of coping with this crippling pain

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My partners son was getting married in london I was meant to put sorry for the mistake

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss and suffering. I've had OCD and anxiety I've learned since I was 10 but I had my first ever spike mid December last year and it ruined my life. I'm now in early recovery and rebuilding with cbt therapy. I have a blog about my journey and I can add the link here or search on Facebook The real housewife of OCD. It may be of help. I post reviews on books about OCD and useful videos and links to information etc (too much to write on here) and you are welcome to reach out for support. The page on Facebook Friends with OCD may also be useful as it's an incredibly supportive community and has given me the best compassion and kindness while sharing my story. I hope some of this is helpful. We are all in this together X

The real housewife of OCD | Raising awareness and removing the stigma


Buy Self Help for Nerves book by Dr Claire Weeks. It's brilliant

Hi Legendbond,

What makes you panic? What's triggering your fears and anxieties? Is it the stress of organising an event, big crowds, noise or being the centre of attention, maybe on both occasions, having to make speeches?

Well done for going back to counselling, but if it's not helping, I suggest going to your dr to get some meds. They will lessen the severity of your anxiety while you keep seeing your counsellor and practise the techniques until they take root. I also recommend speaking to friends who you can trust, a safe place to break down and calm down. A place where you Don't need to hide who you are, where no one judges you. These people are the ones whose empathy and understanding will help your recovery. You will definitely know who your true friends are.

I too suffer from the illnesses you suffer and have done what I have advised you to do. I am on meds, had counselling and will probably go on having counselling when ever a "situation" comes up but that is a good thing.

People like us, whatever our mental illness, need to show our vulnerabilities in order to "come out" and de-stigmaillnesses, to show it is not a weakness but a illness. It can happen to any body at anytime. Don't mistake vulnerability for weakness.

I told a colleague at work I was OCD and that I was having counselling and she said what took years to evolve will take years to resolve. She is right. There are not quick fix answers. We have spent years and years programming our brains with negative thoughts, self hating, thoughts of failures, imagining" what if "situations",re-living traumas, past crisis. No wonder we're all #¡¥\#/. We need to detox our brains. Start by saying one good thing about your self. Learn to love/ like yourself. If you Don't like your self how do you expect people to like you.

So keep on going to see your counsellor, but you must be honest and tell them what really is the root of your illness. Don't be embarrassed or afraid. That's what they're there for. They've probably heard it all or far worse.

Hope this helps you.

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