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What is wrong with me?

Well hi,

I just don't know what is wrong with me.

Whenever my parents or siblings go somewhere I think something bad is going to happen to them. I always seem to loose my temper very easily and sometimes I ask myself "why me". My parents frequently ask me why i am always getting angry with them. I really care about how I look and I am overweight. I usually get Headaches and I feel one irregular heartbeat. I don't want to tell anyone.

What is wrong is me?

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Hello Zairella. I struggle with things myself,but I am learning-always- how to deal with it and make life better for myself. I also have a son who has ocd.

From what you say it sounds like you may have some anxiety.It is very common,lots of people feel some sort of anxiety in different situations.But if these feelings happen often and start to affect you and make you feel and behave differently, it can impact on your health and your life,then it is a good idea to find help..

It is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of,almost everyone is dealing with something.You have to look after,and get help for your physical health, and your mental health is no different..

.A good idea would firstly be to talk to someone you trust,that might be a parent,friend or other family member.Tell them how you are feeling...If you start to feel sad you should talk to someone about that, and you may decide to go with them to see a doctor who will be able to help you to feel happier.

There are good websites with lots you can do that will also help,and you may find this is enough help.




I think you may also get angry because you're trying to deal with,and probably hide these feelings.It may also be because these feelings have started to get you down..So if you're feeling sad its better that you start to get help for these feelings now before they get any worse,so dont ignore it.Talking to someone about how you feel will help you,its always feels better to talk about it..

caring about the way you look isn't necessarily a bad thing,but if you are spending a lot more time than is usual having attention on what you look like, that might also be to do with anxiety but in a different way..

The websites have a lot of information about all kinds of anxiety,how it affects us and what to do about it..There is a lot of help and support..🙂

You have taken the first step by coming on here,well done! carry on now with getting yourself to feeling better.

Let me know how you get on.

Best wishes x

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Thank you soooo much Tillyray!

Your reply has really helped me. It made me think that I can not fell like this anymore. Also reading your reply helped me get rid of that lump on my chest:)

I just can't bring myself to go and tell my parents. It just feels like to much. But I am trying and hopefully I can tell them with confidence one day. Wish you and your son the bestest luck ever and thank you once again!

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Hi Zairella.Thanks for letting me know how you are.I'm glad my reply helped you..I hope you will one day soon be able to talk to your parents, because they love you and would want to support you.But I understand how you feel,so remember in the mean time you can always come on here if you need to chat to someone..

Best wishes x

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