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Is this OCD?

I have had problems with anxiety for some time, and I'm wondering if this might be OCD? In the past when I was alone in the house I was constantly checking things like the oven was turned off, checking the door is locked, plugs out etc. If I was alone overnight I would stay up until 5am going from window to window looking for burglars. Now I live with my partner, it isn't as bad but I still check the doors, oven etc quite a few times. The problem I have now is fear of harm coming to myself by accident. I had a panic attack last week when I was travelling in a coach, thinking that it would run off the road and crash. I am learning to drive (I'm now 32) and its taken me years to pluck up the courage to learn. If another vehicle comes onto my side of the road- even when overtaking a parked car etc. I am seized by fear and start crying. I'm terrified of crashing. If I stay in a hotel over night I can't sleep for thinking that the building will collapse while we sleep. Is this OCD?

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Hi, I'm responding because I'd like to help in some way. This does sound a little obsessive, but all these things mainly sound like a way of coping with extremely high anxiety levels. This is what you need to address. Seek a therapist to talk about the root of your anxieties and ways of alleviating and overcoming them.

I do applaud you for learning to drive, well done and keep it up.

Please don't just keep coping with this anxiety though, please seek help so that you can enjoy your life whether it is staying in a hotel (which should be fun) or driving yourself around (which is wonderful and liberating - just think of the freedom once you know how to drive!).

All best,



Matthew 6:34 and verses 25 to 34 part of the most famous person's most famous speech. As well as having a reputation for profound wisdom this advisor is also reputed to be the maker of everything which makes him something of a remarkably qualified advisor. Try doing what he says,refusing to allow anxiety


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