scared is this OCD

I am in the U.S. But am wondering what the hell happened to me? About 5 months ago, i thought i was having an anyuresm then a heart problem. I have every test under the sun!!! Then All of a sudden i developed intrusive thoughts about harming my kids and family. I dont even want to go home some days because i feel like im scared i will hurt my family. I am seeing a therapist who says I have extreme anxiety. I have also seen a holistic doctor for hormones. I started on cortisol, bhrt, and htp at night. I am not a bad person but scared to be in the same room with knives guns or anything and feel like i cant be around anything violent. My mind has me going crazy all day. this is so weird how it just suddenly happened. I just spend time praying and crying all day!! so scared of myself!!

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  • I have to sympathise with you on this , as I have suffered similar thoughts on many occasions and when it started I thought that I was going mad, then one day I was watching a television programme about OCD and it was explained that this sort of problem was the darker side of OCD which people do not want to talk about. Quite agree on that one as people would think you are barmy if you were to talk about it to anyone .I have had the same thoughts, about harming people and distancing myself from items like knives etc in case I harmed anyone with them. I have tried various medications over the years with limited success but now as I get older I find myself more able to control my feelings but not to eliminate them. Best of luck to you as you attempt to find a solution to this problem.

  • It could be a symptom of OCD, but if you don't show any other symptoms then it's very likely that it's something else entirely. But I would say don't be scared of it being OCD, it can be a very difficult condition but if it is OCD you learn to live around it, and there is support given if you need it

  • Hi there, I feel for you. You sound like you are seeking help which is the main thing. I hope you find pace and all these intrusive thoughts go away as fast as they came. Did these start after you started taking any strong medication for something else? Only my husband suffers from I ocd and hyperchondria BUT says so bad and the drugs given were styling his anxieties but he also changed into a recluse didn't come out of the bedroom had lost his job of 18 years in the NHS which did push him over the edge really. Anyway, the drugs changed him after a year on these a new psychiatrist decided to change his long standing depression pills in the weaning off and on of the new drug Brian had a couple of days like your describing he cried constantly left the house with the intention of crashing the car! He couldn't go on and done lady found him wandering round a car park mumbling and crying to himself. Bless this lady she sat and held his hand until My daughter in law arrived to drive him home. I'm really happy to say, he's now back to where we were before all the bad did started. Yes he's still depressed and has asked me a few times about illness and what's this and that but nothing major. He's chatting again on still in the room but as a person he is functioning. So I wish you well. If you are taking strong medication it maybe that that is causing these thoughts BUT I AM NO MEDICAL EXP ERT DO PLEASE DO NOT JUST STOP TAKING THEM. ASK YOUR GP OR PHARMACIST. GOOD LUCK

  • Yes affter being put on three different ssris in 3 nonths time and zanax and kolonopin and im 7 weeks off and having thoughts ; (...never gone through this before

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