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What is wrong with me? Is it OCD or something else?

Hey everyone,i am really confused as what is up with me right now.I am 13 years old and well,i've done my research sometimes I think I have hypothyroidism sometimes I think OCD and sometimes I think social anxiety disorder as I kind of get symptoms of them all.Basically,I am always tired,easily distracted and find it very hard to concentrate especially in quiet environments such as school work.I have memory loss on lots of things but then my memory is great on some things,my friends often call me dopey and slow as I often trip up and constantly hyper which kind of eliminates hypothyroidism from my question,at school if say we have a calculator,a book,a worksheet and pens I always put the calculator in the top right of my table,textbook or sheet in the top left depending on what I am working on and my pens in the middle colour co ordinated.Whenever there is a pile I make sure it is not messy and if there is two copys of say a sheet around me I get very agitated.However at home I am not obsessive with cleanliness but I am still quite repetitive (walking up stairs in a certain way,brushing my hair 2-3 times in the morning) I am very wary on how I look,i brush my hair a lot,if I get a new piece of clothing I examine myself in the mirror for a while to make sure it doesn't look weird.Onto the social problems,i hate talking to people who aren't close friends such as classmates,i literally cannot talk to them,in drama I get very nervous,i breathe heavily,shake and get very hot,i have faked being ill a few times to miss the day we have drama on,on days where it hasn't worked I have just broken down and cried and cried,after the performance I repeat in my head every line I said and how I said it to make sure I wasn't weird.Also,1 more thing I have my mind telling me If I don't something something will happen,example I like to play video games such as call of duty and well I get this thing in my head saying If you don't get 20 or more kills in this game you will never be rich,if you don't drink your drink in one go you won't achieve your dreams and lots more weirder things,please help me

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Well done for admitting you're finding things a bit difficult just now! don't be too quick to label your symptoms, your age is really quite hard with lots of changes. Drama classes are a nightmare for lots of people, and if your classmates were as honest as you you'd probably find there are a few more who hate them!!!! You never said if you've tried to speak to your parent/guardian about what's happening just now and how worried you feel about everything. If you feel you could talk to someone about it try your GP or your personal councillor at school. There are loads of good websites on social anxiety and adolescent anxiety which you should try reading. As for the OCD like symptoms next time it tells you something remember OCD tells lies!!!!!!!! The only person getting rich from Call of Duty are the designers and distributors!!!! Do you play any sports if you don't try getting out more and run - it really helps release the happy feelings and relaxes the mind. Good luck!!!!! Tell someone you trust about your feelings. It will get better :)

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Hello - I agree with Rosa. It is a tough time of life and I had many of these feelings myself, as do most people. Definitely share your feelings with someone, be it your parents, school councillor or doctor. It is a big step but once you take it you will feel so much better! You have a few possible OCD symptoms but you sound quite normal. Bear in mind when you are called dopey and slow these people are often putting their own insecurities on to you and don't ever let it get you down. Try doing something you are confident in (sport/craft/book club/music) and find some new friends. Also, I was falling over and quite clumsy for a while and found out after a trip to the doctor it was an ear infection so might be worth getting that checked out. Good luck and let us know how it goes!


Thank you for the help Rosa and Tracy,you could be right about the ear infections,i've always kind of had problems with my ears, being 50% deaf when I was younger and getting a few infections throughout my life.The OCD problems aren't much but I don't feel right,i am always terrified of being judged for wearing certain clothes to doing certain things,everyone around me seems to get on well in drama aswell,I am so socially terrified I literally cannot ask my classmates for equipment or help even if I really need it,I have tried explaining it to some people but they don't really get it to a full extent.I literally get scared and nervous when eating in the dinner hall and my friends are amazing just a bit of banter when they call me dopey and stuff we all do it I guess and they kind of understand my social weakness but half of the time tell me to knock off the worrying and stop the fake panic attacks (I don't even know what one is) there's thousands of scenarios I could list which make me nervous and socially scared.


Hi, from the information you have given, you don't have OCD, more so, it seems as though you have some OCPD traits, most people do, myself included, so don't worry about that. If you feel as though it is too much for you, go and see your GP and maybe you'll be referred to a psychologist or a behavioural therapist if it is actually ruining your quality of life. As for the social anxiety too, you may have some mild symptoms of it, but you'd be best off seeing your GP, a lot of people believe they have social anxiety, especially teenagers, but it is mainly due to a lot of hormonal changes that puberty brings about. If you want to talk to me because i do also suffer social stress, so much as to not having any friends which has caused me to suffer mild depression which was recognised clinically and i was given medication for it, so don't worry, i'm not a hypochondriac, but if you want to talk about anything, i'll give you as much advice as you want^^ If i feel qualified enough to give my opinion, i will.


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