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Having OCD 'officially'

I have never been to see someone regarding my OCD; I've never been diagnosed 'officially' with it and this makes me feel somewhat as it isn't valid, or if I'm making it up...People don't take me seriously because of this (they use the term loosely too), but I know that this is what's wrong with me. I'm too scared to see a GP or whatever because I'm scared of talking to people.

It's been awful having to perform rituals almost every minute of every day. It feels as if a gun is being pointed at me and forcing me to do these things. During my exams I had to tap my pen a certain number of times ; it got worse than usual and I got stuck in an endless cycle leaving me far less time to finish my exam. The invigilators focused on me too because of the noise I was making with my pen which didn't help as I was conscious of them looking at me. Oh well. Time to get on with life :x

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Hey Marshmelli,

Did you get on ok with your exams, despite the OCD?

Where OCD is diagnosed is if a person have obsessions, which cause anxiety and to be upset, which leads the compulsions (physical or mental), this image explains the cycle of OCD more clearly ocduk.org/siteimages/OCD/oc...

I would recommend a formal assessment and diagnosis from a trained health professional, your GP should be able to make a referral through the NHS.

The good news is that if it is OCD then it can be treated, and controlled through to recovery. The treatment we recommend is a talking therapy called Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) which is available through the NHS. CBT is sometimes used in conjunction with medication, depending on your individual situation and personal choice about taking medication. You can read more about CBT and watch a video on our website here: ocduk.org/cognitive-behavio...

I hope you are doing better and able to get some support to help yourself.

Kind regards, Ashley.


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