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Ok for the last couple of weeks I’ve been doing fairly well, considering I still have intrusive thought but it’s more manageable. About 2 days ago it shifted from my fear of saying something offensive/horrible to me thinking I may write something offensive/horrible(though I never have before or would even think of doing so). It’s gotten to the point that I panic a little when I’m on social media and I’m scrolling through people post, I automatically think I’m going to end up writing something bad on their posts! And I know I shouldn’t check to see if I actually wrote it because that’s a reassurance thing. Can anyone relate to this?or am I just losing it??

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Fear of writing something unpleasant or incriminating is basically the same as fear of saying something like that. It's OCD.

I've had this myself. I've actually opened letters that I've already sealed ready for posting to make sure I hadn't written anything I shouldn't. I had this as a teenager and have had bouts since, though not recently.

Try not to do the checking thing, because it just fuels the worry. People just don't write offensive things without meaning to do it. They just don't. There is a lot of unpleasant stuff out on social media, but it is intentional and the writer wants to cause offence!

Thankyou, I haven’t been checking as of lately. This week just has been hell for me. Like today, someone was standing really close to me and having a conversation (it’s a friend of the family)he decided to try to take my phone away in a playful manner..well for some reason my brain automatically had an intrusive thought of me touching him inappropriately!! Then it got worse because I started thinking omg did I tell him to move so that I don’t touch him inappropriately out loud ? This is literally how my thoughts jump from one thing to another.. I’m not sure if this is because my anxiety is rather high at the moment or because I tend to overthink everything

It’s like I’ll automatically assume that I’ve said something sexually inappropriate if there’s a certain person near me like a friend or something ..I absolutely am hating my brain now

Like now I just want avoid everyone so I don’t feel this way even though I know avoidance isn’t the answer and that it just may make it worse

One thought does lead to another, and another! It's how the brain operates, but with OCD we become aware of it in a heightened way. Overthinking is common with OCD and it gets worse if we are anxious.

I've had the same thing where my thoughts have sounded so loud in my head that I wondered if I had said them out loud! I think everyone has that, but having OCD makes us ruminate on it.

Try not to avoid people, as just as you say it won't make you feel better. Having OCD is isolating enough as it is, and you don't want to isolate yourself. Learn to live with the doubt the best you can, because seriously, people don't go about saying sexually inappropriate things accidentally!

Yes you are right. As for the loud thoughts, well I had one that seemed louder than usual .As you’ve said, we probably do all have them at one point. It’s just that now I seem to notice everything unlike before when I’d probably just shrug it off and continue about my day

That's OCD! Things that other people would shrug off stick in our minds and OCD makes us give them meanings they don't actually have!

That to will pass , just another fear from the ocd , it tries all sorts of tricks , you are not your ocd thoughts ,you are better , kinder , and smarter than that bully in your brain . I have similar episodes where i can go a couple of days feelng okay , then up comes comes crazy,horrific thought / image , but have come to the conclusion it is like a withdrawel symptom , like coming off medication , or a bad habit that takes time to eventually fade away. Maybe, and this is only a suggestion. If you wrote your offensive thoughts on a sheet of paper with the headline , 'unhelpful nasty thoughts; ,then put a big cross through it all , and write underneath in large letters DELETE , then write a positive kind thought, underneath with the headline' helpful positive thouhts, then put a great big tick at the side , with large letters , ACCEPT.

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