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Do I need to see a doctor? Might I have OCD?


I've always been extremely organised and a perfectionist - at work and at home, I'm well known for it even in my job. Lately I've been getting very stressed out when things don't go to plan, if someone all of a sudden tells me I need to go somewhere different to what I had planned on a weekend for example I just fall apart. I cry most of the time because I just can't deal with the thought of having to change my plans. I get really stressed.

Little things like when the curtains aren't straight, or when DVDs aren't in order, or if a vase isn't exactly in the centre of the fireplace, or if something isn't symmetrical - annoys the hell out of me. I can't just leave it I have to move whatever it is until it's perfect. This doesn't really bother me that much - it's more of my first point as I get very stressed out and upset, I just need to know if there's something wrong with me...

Is this just normal organised behaviour? Or is it something like OCD?

Please help... Thanks

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Hi Sarah,

I can't really answer if what you experience is OCD or not, but the fact it upsets you so much to take the time to email us also suggests it is not just a mild thing for you, but something very upsetting, and for that reason it is important to ensure it is correctly assessed and if needed, treated.

I think this image may help you understand if this is OCD or not. Where OCD is diagnosed is if you have obsessions, which cause anxiety and to be upset, which leads the compulsions (physical or mental), this image explains the cycle of OCD more clearly ocduk.org/siteimages/OCD/oc...

I think for a diagnosis of OCD the obsessive fears need to be happening daily and for hour a day, and I am not sure if you are describing that.

But the best advice is either way, I think you need to speak to a GP to arrange for an assessment :)

Wishing you well,



Thanks very much for your reply.

I've been doing some reading - and as much as I don't agree with self diagnosis over the Internet I think it could actually be OCPD, which I'm aware is quite different.

My basic symptoms that worry me, are constant organisation of various things, and then when something doesn't go to plan... Complete and utter despair :(

I really appreciate you coming back to me. It feels odd for me to think that you might have to see a doctor for something that's not immediately obvious (used to cough, cold, joints etc)... And it's quite scary to have to actually go. Good to get a view from others as I'm a bit lost.

Thanks again


I think Sarah that what ever the clinical diagnosis actually is that really is not the issue, what the main point to make is that you really need to speak to someone for that clinical desision to be made. The first steps you have done by understanding that are things going on that you are not comfortable with and are causing issues for you. This can only be done by seeking further medical assistance from a GP so that would be the best place to start really good luck xx


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