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I need a little guidance

Hi All,

I'm not 100% sure people would class this as OCD and it doesn't necessarily interrupt my daily life, but if I knew what it was that was causing me to do these things, I could sleep easy at night.

1.) Whenever I have a stack of coins of various value, I tend to organise them in order of biggest at the bottom and smallest at the top. I then have to have all of the heads facing up and the tails down. I feel like I can't give people my money if they are 'messy'. Also the same with notes, it must be folded so that the queen's head is showing and not tucked in. I also will not keep copper in my pocket, purse, bag etc.

2.) I will always arrange my tea, coffee and sugar as that (tea, coffee, sugar) if I see it in any other order, I must change it. This one is just bizzare to me.

3.) My dinner table has a slight frame around the edges and my coasters are square with a pattern which is four line, two are side by side going down one edge and the other two are going down the edge where the four lines will meet, they meet in the corner. If I am placing these coasters on the table, I must line the matching corner of the coaster to the frame on the table... Just WTAF!!!

4.) I am not by any chalk a tidy or neat person when it comes to my wardrobe or shelves or bedroom for that matter, but when I am cleaning up in the kitchen, I will always make sure that everything is inline with an edge, corner etc. The most bizarre thing I do here, is when I am finished cleaning, I will get a tea towel, fold it twice and place it on the counter beside the kettle and then place a teaspoon in the middle of the towel.

If anyone could help me as to why I do these things, I would be massively grateful :)

Thanks :) xxx

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Everyone has a touch of OCD i think its when it turns extreme that it becomes a problem. Try not doing the things abd see what happens. You may feel uneasy at first.


Sorry to disagree but, no. Not 'everyone' has a touch of OCD.

The things you've described are merely your personal quirks.

IF you felt you HAD to do those things or something terrible may happen, IF you CAN not do those things and you don't have blind panic about them then you don't have OCD.

You are you and unique and that's great.

If I go to a Costa and I have a Latte, I sprinkle a brown sugar sachet on top of the frothy bit on top and eat it with the spoon. I always do it, ALWAYS. I didn't realise until recently, that most people don't do it but, it's just my quirk. I could NOT do it, I don't feel fear or panic if I didn't do it or at the mere thought of not doing it.

Hope that makes sense?

Elaine x

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Awwww Brilliant!

Thanks Elaine, that makes so much sense and your right. I do feel the need to do it, but if I wasn't to do it I wouldn't have it on my mind all day :)

Thanks :) x

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This is best description of OCD I have found on the internet. Clear, short and to the point. Thank you.

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You have OCD


No, she/he/they don't. Do you know what OCD stands for?

O - obsessive


of the nature of an obsession.

"people dogged by obsessive jealousy"

synonyms:all-consuming, consuming, compulsive, dominating, controlling, obsessional, addictive, fanatical, fanatic, neurotic, excessive, besetting, gripping, haunting, tormenting, inescapable

C - compulsive


resulting from or relating to an irresistible urge.

"compulsive eating"

synonyms:irresistible, uncontrollable, compelling, driving, overwhelming, overpowering, urgent

D - disorder

A condition characterized by lack of normal functioning of physical or mental processes


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