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Vitamins and minerals test results? Help

Vitamins and minerals test results? Help


I've just received my results from hair analysis test, I got this test due to symptoms I am having like anxiety, thyroid marker was high one week (underactive thyroid) then it went to just above normal, hair loss, very dry itchy skin, tiredness, signs of depression/mood swings (only sometimes but think its more likely down to feeling groggy) along with very heavy painful periods.

I had bloods taken which suggested my calcium was a little low but then these results show high calcium levels.

My diet is healthy apart from a sugar craving I have from the minute I get up on a morning.

Where I have had the hair sample from have stated that I should only buy the vitamins and minerals from their website as their vitamins and minerals are 95% absorbed by the body. These are the vitamins and minerals they have recommended. But will cost over £100

Para pack

Adrenal complex

Pyridox plus

Potassium plus

Manganese plus

Zinc plus

Vitamin c plus

Hcl v plus

How do I find vitamins and minerals that are bio available? And are not so expensive.

I have attached a pic of results

Thank you


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Hi there. £100 for those 8 items is a very good price especially if they are well absorbed and ethically made. Feel into what is best for you and consider the investment you are making in your own health. You say you are having sugar cravings - examine how much sugar you are actually having and how you might be able to eliminate it. Consider also all the variables impacting your wellbeing at the moment. Sleep quality, hydration levels, fibre intake, bowel movements, spending time with people who are uplifting, doing what you love from your heart. There is so much to explore. Start somewhere you feel is manageable so you don't overwhelm yourself.