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Start your day with hot water and lemon


3 great reasons to pop the kettle on first thing, slice a generous wedge of lemon and sip away!

*a healthy hydration hit in the morning after hours of sleeping. Dehydration can lead to mental fatigue, constipation and dry skin among many other things.

*a zing for your liver. Lemon has cleansing and refreshing properties. Smile with your liver!

*Signals to yourself, that change can be simple. You are worth the effort.

Remember. Let change start simply. Change can be very overwhelming so set yourself mini goals and intentions. Then it shows to you, it is possible. That is very hopeful.

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I love lemon!

Thanks, like the idea. Will give it a go 👍

Why hot water?


Once you have allowed your water to cool after pouring from the kettle, it settles to a temperature that feels right to you. For some people, cold water, especially iced and refrigerated, is quite burdensome to the body. The body needs to recruit energy to warm the water up. So drinking it warm, especially first thing, when you are rising from the hours of sleep, is less stressful to your body. I find there is also something comforting about it. By all means have room temperature water. Play with both and see how they feel. Warmer water also helps soften intestinal debris so can help aid bowel movements. Useful for constipation for example.

Thanks! I love lemon and lime but in icy drinks only. I can see how it may be more "shocking" to the tummy first thing in the morning though!

I do this every morning!