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Holistic health expert, yoga teacher and author, Ciara Jean Robert brings you this community. She is excitingly now over 6 months post her second kidney transplant in October 2019. Her wish is to share with you helpful tools on your own unique journey. With a previous background in credit risk, banking, Ciara understands the stresses that can partner corporate life, She successfully transitioned 8 years ago to running her own business, Wholly Aligned. That transition was prompted by her precious first kidney transplant beginning to move through a rejection process. Using nutrition, yoga and inspiring story she has gathered through her own lived experience with her kidneys, she wishes to help you awaken your inner physician. Dwell in all possibilities. She is a qualified Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, a highly experienced yoga professional and writer. And also a big hearted human with an absolutely love of life. Live your life each and every day. One day it will be over and you might wonder what all that worry was for. Dream big, live hopefully. Sign up to her mailing list and learn more on her website in the contact detail section.

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