lefluenomide itches

Hi everyone. Does anyone who takes leflunomide get dry itchy patches in sweaty areas? e.g armpits, under the bra line etc. It is bearable but annoying. The other weird one is I feel like I have a stray long hair on the end of my nose that needs brushing off, there's nothing there and the tingling carries on. Its so weird! I keep swiping my nose like I'm mad lol

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  • Not much use as I've never taken Leflunomide but just to empathise: I'm getting weird side effects from Sulfasalazine including feeling that I have hair in my mouth the whole time. I think some of the odder side effects are the hardest to put up with somehow. But hopefully will pass in time .....? x

  • gosh that is a strange one too. I have just come off sulfasa (after a year) for abit to see if it was affecting my eyes, something is, just going thru the morions of seeing what. joys indeed of side effects lol

  • I take Leflunomide and have had none of these symptoms.

  • i have been ok on it otherwise too

  • oh i did message you earlier and it disappered. I took the lefl and it helped but the itching got steadily worse and what was at the beginning only an itch became so bad that i asked to be put off it. The consultant was very relunctant but eventually agreed to go on to another dmard.

  • thanks for that, interesting... i hope it doesn't get any worse or I could be doing the same but my rheumy has said thats the last of the dmards for me. I am waiting approval for humira to start in june hopefully and hope to get some sort of life back... i live in hope :)

  • If it is in creases, sweaty places etc. might it be a mild infection (maybe fungal?) rather than a reaction to the drug? Might be worth checking that out with doc. xxx

  • yea i will do thanks, the doctor is so sick of seeing me lol

  • I'm leflunomide and I cannot use any liquid soap to wash my hands or use any shower gel. Those gives me deep cracks in my hands and my heels. I can only use Dove soap now. I don't mind because I like soaps!

  • that iz bizarre I have just said to my husband about a big crack that has come out of nowhere on my heel. Quite painful.

  • Try to wash with soap and see if it works for you and let me know. Good luck!

  • I will do thanks :) I put the heel cream on last night so its not so painful now.

  • Oh, yes, I feel like there is a long hair hanging thru my eyebrow lying on my cheek a lot of the time, but I never associated it with meds though. I look at a mirror & see nothing & then I feel it again, it is so maddening. Good luck.


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