my gift to you

I am sending out a gift

To you and all my friends.

Use it all you want,

It never, ever, ends.

I've stored it on a cloud,

That's not so far away.

You just reach out and take it,

It's there every single day.

It's filled with loving thoughts,

Hugs, good wishes too.

And if you want to take them out,

They're all addressed to you.

You can never, ever empty it,

[try, it's not a race]

For every 1 that you take out...

100 take its place!

You may never need one,

They're there for if you do.

Because they are my special gift,

With love from me to you!

written by me today. sandra

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  • what lovely sentiments


  • thankyou chris

    feel free to pass it on.

    It's based on something my Mum used to do.

    If someone had suffered a loss, illness or depression or she just felt they needed it, she would give a teddy full of hugs. She'd hold it in her and and fill it with good wishes and positive thoughts, give it away, and tell them what it holds, as in my poem. I just made it rhyme. People have told me how it helped and often, carried it on, as I have. It's easier for me now to get little teddies & toy animals due to the rise in £1 shops, she had to pay more, but the thought is the same.



  • Lovey poem you are so talented Sandra xx ( ps is pic your budgie??

  • thankyou summer.

    no I can't get a good enough piccy as they seem to reflect the flash


  • Thank you that is lovely.

    Special wishes returned to you to y

  • Lovely poem,what a lot of talented poets we have on

  • So lovely sandra it is so nice of you to share those lovely sentiments .Also nice of you to share it around as at this time of year alot of people need to no they are loved and not alone.



  • What a fantastic poem, you are a very talented lady xx

  • thankyou everyone.



  • Lovely, helping me whilst sickly Axx

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