The long walk home

Hi everyone. I haven't blogged for a couple of weeks so I thought I would share my beauty salon experience.

A few days before Christmas I made a spur of the moment decision and made an appointment to have a manicure and pedicure at my usual salon.Thought it would be just the boost I needed to put me in the mood for Christmas.

,Made some lunch and husband dropped me off at the salon.I felt a little bit rushed but this soon changed as I settled to have my treatments.

Left the salon feeling so relaxed having had a hand and foot massage as well as the manicure etc.I was wearing a pair of open toed shoes as they are so easy to get on and off.I rang home from my mobile for my husband to pick me up.No answer.Thought I'd walk a little further up the road and try again.Still no answer.Tried again. Same result.

Good grief I thought what to do now.I'd left the shops behind and home was still over half a mile away across country.I decided to walk.I must have made quite a picture.A middle aged woman wrapped up warmly against the weather with bare feet and open toed shoes.

I was absolutely shattered but I made it. My husbands face was a picture when I tottered into the house."Why didn't you ring me,I thought I was coming to collect you".You can imagine how this conversation went I'm sure. He was looking a little embarrassed to say the least.He had been in the study with headphones on listening to his favourite music.He just hadn't heard the phone ringing.

I have noticed he is going a little deaf but he isn't ready to admit it yet.

My Christmas spirit was at a low ebb but when I reflected on it later I was proud that I'd managed to walk that far.It just proves that you have to be resilient to have RA.

A Happy and painfree New Year to all xxx

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Well done you,i hope that you rested for the rest of the day so that it didn't spoil your christmas.

I used to go and have my lashes and brows done until my eyes went so dry i wasn't allowed to have them done and i can't wear mascara. I never thought about having a foot and hand massage i bet you felt like you could do anything afterwards,hence the long walk home.

My hubby has a problem in his ear due to his time in the army,well it is getting worse and as he is retiring next year i have told him the first thing he is going to do is get his hearing sorted out. It has annoyed me no end over xmas due to the fact of me not being well and having to repeat myself all the time. He hasn't done anything about it before as he works on the railway and although he scrapes by his medical each year and he hears all the bells he should do,if he had a hearing aid he would be off the trains altogether. So afte he has finished and we have had our holiday he will get them sorted out.

All i can say to finish is WELL DONE YOU and have a lovely and painfre new year.



Some pampering does make you feel better about yourself. I have my nails done with tips and silk wraps and although my hands are showing signs of my RA, it makes me feel so much better about them being on show. I have even started wearing bracelets which I never did before as I didn't want to draw attention to my hands.

Have a good new year. Jo


Oh that's choice! Wonderful that you were able to make it without any dire consequences! I hope he babyed you and treated you well for the rest of the evening! He must have been so sorry for you!


What a great story xx


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