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Hi everybody hope you are all doing ok or as well as can be expected..I have just received my letter from hosp re my appt 3weeks ago it's says as before my crp is normal and it tells me my VAS score (no idea what that is) has dropped from 80 to 20 ...and DAS score from 4.31 to 2.46.... I'm feeling fine no joint issues and to be honest diagnosed so quickly have never really had pain like you poor people just very sore knees hands wrists n ankles and extreme fatigue which it is how this was diagnosed. To be honest the Methx makes me feel worse than disease so it's all swings n roundabouts isn't it ?!... My results sound ok but to be honest I am not understanding them fully ...I really would appreciate your comments as up till now you people have been amazing and so supportive. Claire x

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  • Hi there, That's great that you are feeling a postive change already, and hopefully things will keep getting better and better.

    The VAS score is the Visual Analogue Scale, which is gobbledygook for just asking you how you feel on a scale of 1 to 10. I guess at your first appointment they asked about how bad your pain was and you said 8 out of 10, and this time you said 2 out of 10? Which translates to a VAS score of 20!

    Anyway, VAS is also used to calculate your DAS or Disease Activity Score. There've been several posts on it so if you want to know more then pop that in the search box. But a DAS of 4.31 means moderately active disease and 2.46 means that your RA is now inactive. So Yipeee!! A little bit lower and you'll be considered to be in remission.... However, this is all an inexact science so go by how you feel not what the numbers say, and if you feel good then brill! take care. Polly

  • Thank you so much Polly ...I am really pleased and at the time of these results I had only taken 4 weeks of Methx now on week 8 and next appt is mid Nov all seems quite quick really considering some of the poor people on here....always had a normal crp level so must have this disease very mildly or because been caught so early...I almost feel guilty that things are getting better for me when only started 3 months ago and so many people are having such a hard thoughts really are with those people and I guess I just see what happens next time I go ....thanks again Polly ...Claire x

  • Don't feel guilty! It's great. In some ways it's as hard if it all works quickly as you still have to keep on taking the pills. Anyway, it what's supposed to happen and does for most people, just not for everyone. Px

  • CRP or ESR levels don't actually give any real indication of how bad the disease is, unfortunately. A normal level doesn't stop your disease from being really bad. I guess thats one of the reasons they use things like the DAS to measure disease activity.

    But glad you are feeling better and the VAS and DAS scores confirm that.

  • Woohoo Claire,thrilled for you !!!!!!!!! Xxxxxxxx

  • Thank you lovely people and you lovely you meets some amazing people/friends

    on here xx

  • excellent news - i too am feeling better and its encouraging to know that if its caught early then there's a positive outlook! yeahhh for you!!;-) xC

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