On mtx and sulfazalazine

Now I'm blaming the sulf as didn't seem to have prob on MTX only--keep getting sweats and headaches, I also am clinging on to a bit of a couggh from a cold a few weeks ago and my ribs are sore (I think that might be from a slipped disc at T9-10 that's pressing on my cord, but not sure) My ankles have flared as well my right ankle is like a pudding around the ankle bone. Any suggestions / advice welcome as can't get to drs til after Christmas xx

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You really need to see a doctor before xmas as it could be you have an infection on your chest. Go to your hospital if you can't see your doctor.

I have a chest infection and i was given antibiotics on monday. I have chest pains,cough,headaches. I have sweats but i put that down to the fact i have come off hrt.

GET IT Checked out.

Hope you soon feel better.




I Agree with Sylvi, your docs should give you an emergency appt, due to our condition. Try them again and don't let them fob you off. But do go and get it checked out.

Merry chrimbo

Sci x


I had an allergic reaction to sulf and had to come off it after 3 weeks but seem to be fine so far on the MTX so Sulf doesn't suit everyone. Yes contact emergency dr as everyone is advising. Good luck. TTx


Yes please see gp xx

Have a good Xmas xx


Thanks, can't get appt but will get one of docs to check me over at work tomorrow xx Have a great Xmas all xx


Although I don't feel I'm having problems with sulph I too am having trouble with swollen ankles. My toes also swell and look like little sausages. I've been putting my feet up when I can (usually in the evening). When I am in bed I put my feet on a cushion. By morning the swelling has all but gone. I've been wearing support stockings during the day to help keep the swelling down. I put them on straight away before I get up so my ankles don't get a lot of chance to swell. Hope I'm not too late with my reply xx


thanks Sioux, I have a pair of Support socks and am going to get tights as well, never thought of putting them on before I get up though. My rheumy has refered me to orthotics as well for some sort of foot ankle support thingy!!

No chest infection than goodness


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