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Lovely loretta has had her operation

Lovely loretta has had her operation

Loretta has had her operation. She went in and had it done as an outpatient and her son had to take her back to the hospital monday night as she was in so much pain. She came home today and she is hopefully on the mend.

I told her that i would ring her over the weekend. She can read our blogs,but she can't type at the moment. So i'll be her typist for the time being. She sounded ok.


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Good to hear you are out of hospital Loretta and I hope you are feeling a little better. Take care of yourself. Hope to see you back soon.

Paula x


Hi Loretta,glad to hear that your op. is over,bet you are relieved despite the pain.Get plenty of rest and let that wrist heal,and you will be blogging away in no time.Sending you gentle internet healing hugs xxxxxBeth 48 :)))))

PS isn't it good of Sylvi to be your very own typist,she's a star !!!!


Hi Loret - so pleased to learn that you are out of hospital and okay - although the pain must have been really awful for you to have been taken back so sorry to learn that. Rest up in your lovely clean and well-prepared bed and enjoy letting others look after you. We'd all be visiting and bringing wicked bits and pieces to you if we could! TTx


Ps and thanks for helping Loret Sylvi! x


Hi Loretta, very glad to hear all went well despite the pain. Hope the wrist continues to improve over the next few days/weeks. Take it easy and let everyone else wait on you. Good on Sylvi for helping out.

Big Hug from me. LavendarLady x


You would all do it for me. I sit doing nothing so its good for me to be useful.xx


Hello Sylvi,hopefully you will be the next person on here telling us that your knee op.has been done and you are on the mend.

Take care Beth 48 xxxxx


I love technology, it is just such a boon. The very idea that we can get news back & forth across half the planet via bouncing bits of electronic stuff that I don't understand from person to person is just brilliant so well done Sylvi. But also brilliant that it's over Loret, and v sorry to hear that the first day was so painful. Only way is up now, so rest up, let Bridget sooth you and have you wiggling your pain free fingers soon. Hope the charming surgeon was duly apologetic for having caused such pain. Take care, Pollyx


thanks for letting us know Sylvie. Loretta take it easy now, hope it is not too painful and you recover well.


Hi Loretta

Good to hear you are out of hospital and are at home. Hopefully it will not be too long before you are blogging.

Get well soon

Sci :D

ps well done sylvi, for keep us in contact with Loretta - nice one!


take care lretta


Hello Loret,

So glad your Operation is over with hope it gets less painful day by day!!!we will all miss your blogs until your back in actiont.Take it easy while you can .BEST WISHES FOR A SPEEDY RECOVERY.



Hi lloret, thinking of you and glad that at least the op part is over.

Now you have to think that although this is painful you are now recovering. Big hugs Axx

thanks Sylvie


Hi Loret,

Sorry to hear you had problems with pain after the op and had to go back.

Hopefully by now that is well sorted and you are on the way to a speedy recovery. Hope you are managing some sleep.

We are all thinking of you.

Judi xxxx

(PS: Big thanks to Sylvie)


Loret, hope you feel much, much better very soon!

Trish x


Hope your pain is manageable today. So glad you're on the mend. Can't wait to hear from you again! Thanks sylvi for keeping us all in touch, well done. Take care loret! hugs xxxxx


Morning all. i am at the hospital at 9.15am for my nuclear x-ray so i won't be answering any messages until this afternoon. Hope you al have a lovely day and pain free for all.

Love sylvi.xx


Hi Loret, thinking of you. Glad to hear all went well and you are back home now.

My turn next.



dear rheumymummy, i did remember, yours is the 19th? I will be thinking of you and sending prayers that aa goes well. that first 24 hrs is the pitts, so don't hesitate to say when it starts to hurt. ihad a nerve block done just before the surgery, which should have been good for 18-24 hrs, it wasn't, by the time we got home from cleveand, the pain had already set in alot, then ther pain pill wasn't touching it. Dr son toldme to take another, then he called back and said he'd take me to our local hospital. my gp is his buddy and so they decided to keep me for the night. and the next. i'm good as long as i take the pain pill a half hour before the 4 hr tme scedule, tjhat way it gets to the blood level without a lapse. still, it really hurts with any movemeent of those muscles.

left handed typing is diff. hope you can stay in touch, just stay ahead of the game. love, loretta


Good to see you typing Loretta, I know how slow left-handed typing can be. They always made me stay overnight after my hand/wrist surgeries to make sure that I had pain control, so I worried about them sending you right home.

So glad that you figured out the pain pill schedule that works best for you too.

Take it easy & let people do things for you.

Are you getting the fantastic weather that we are getting in NE? It's been in the 80's all week & it will continue thru tomorrow.

Thank you Sylvi for keeping us informed of how Loretta was doing, too.



hi christine, temps in mid 70's all this week anf thru monday. incredible!

left hand is swelling, so will take a break.


you will get told of my friend. xx


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