A little light .......................................... at the end of a long tunnel!

Hiya everyone!

I thought I would update you on my last blog.

I saw my GP who was wonderfully understanding, knows how I feel about taking medication, but assured me that taking antidepressants would really help bring some calm into my life - I trust him, and started these today. It will take a couple of weeks to kick in, but I am ok with that!

He also gave me the phone number of a counselling team. I phoned them today and have made an appointment.

I have to say I am quite proud of myself for taking such a big step - I know I have a few more to go, but I am going to do it - tears may flow, but if I can get my smile and a bit of spark back I will be just fine.

Thank you all again for your support and comments - what wonderful friends we have here!

Take care all

Pen ;)

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Hi Pen,

Great to hear you have taken action, I'd say you are very proud of your self in regaining control . There is nothing to be ashamed of in taking anti deps, I personally need them, to help me, it is a big step. Pills alone cure no ones depression, but they help to lift you up, and if you make some change and effort you will soon feel much better.

well done you, I know its not easy, coping with RA and all the rest life throws at us.

Keep it up,



hiya i hate taking meds too. i have got my rhumy nurse on thurs and i think i might ask her about some help because i get so upset all the time and i have palpatations and i get so scared and nervous all the time, i hope yr pills make u feel better soon xx


Well all i'm on antidepressants and have been for a long time now. I'm also under a clinical (shrink as i can't spell her title) and i have to say you would be surprised what comes out. We have to take so many pills whats one more if it helps us, i'm not the woman i was 8-9yrs ago i have to get my daughter to make phone calls for me if we have any problems as i'm just not up to it. My confidence has took a bashing as i used to be so outgoing, now its hard work to go out even through the day. I make myself go out as i think it does me more good than if i had stayed in. Not ssure if i'm going out today as i have had a rough night with this chest,but if i'm feeling a tad better tomorrow i will force myself to go out.

You are a very brave lady so don't let this disease take anything more from you,if it means taking a pill to help so be it,what's one more in our daily cycle.

Well done for seeing you need help and i wish you the best.



That's great - and big, big congratulations for having the courage to take the first step. It's ever so hard to take action, particularly when you're feeling low to start with, so dealing with both GP & counselling team must have been been effort for you. It might take a while, but combination of pills & talking should really help. Take care. Polly


Well done you X that first step was a very big one you should be proud x Take care x


I'm really glad to hear that you've been able to take action - it's the right thing to do and within a few weeks you will start to feel less anxious and tearful and then the depression will start to lift. Combining anti -depressants and counselling is proven to be the best remedy:-)

Cece x


Thank you all so much, I have just spent 45 mins 'chatting' on facebook to my daughter, who has put a smile on my face - and no tears!!!!

I am so grateful for your honesty - I have never asked for help before as I thought it was a sign of weakness - I now know otherwise - I do feel proud of myself, even though I am a bit nervous as to what might come out!! But I have made a few notes to help me prepare and I will look forward to 2012 with hope!

Bless you all xx


Well done Penny.. that is all sounding so postive.. a worthwhile gp visit.

Have a great Xmas xx


Hi Penny

You've done the "hard bit " by admitting that you need help -that's not a sign of weakness and you should feel very proud of yourself.I really hope the counselling really helps but in the meantime keep posting we're all too aware of the "joys " of RA

Have a fantastic Xmas and hope 2012 is a brilliant year for you

Lots of love

Julie xxx


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