Hi, I have just got back from seeing the Doctor again. He was very thorough and checked me over again. He said he can now hear crackles in my left lung and has told me to start the antibiotics, he prescribed some more to cover 7 days. He commented on the cough and said he believes it to be a chest infection. Should begin to improve within 48 hours but he said the cough can take up to three weeks to clear. So I will hope for the best and rest up. I have to ring him on Monday if no better. He also reminded me not to have the Methotrexate injection tomorrow or next week. He will contact me if the x-ray shows anything.

I have been reading the posts and it seems several of us are not doing so well at the moment.

Sending a gentle hug and love to all. X

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  • Get well soon.

    Sending hugs.

  • Hope you soon start to feel better

  • You too Happy granny - I don't know where you are but there is a cough going around here in the states that can take months to completely go away. On of my closest friends had it and I thought for a while that she would never clear. Maybe some nice hot tea would help with honey and ginger? Hugs back to you

  • Happy granny 1958 hope you feel better soon I've just had a bout of pneumonia that developed after a cold that's been doing the rounds, I've been checked over and chest has cleared but have been left with a cough, thankfully it's easing but it's taken 3 weeks to get this far but it's going lol

  • Poor you, it's horrible isn't it. pleased it's on its way out. I do feel a bit better today. X

  • Hi happygranny1958 glad your feeling better hopefully we'll all be ok for the festive season, fingers crossed lol

  • It's that time of year for nasties isn't it? I replied to your other post Sue, sorry it's taken a hold but hopefully as you've caught it early the amoxicillin will knock it on the head & you'll not be off the MTX long.

    Gentle warming hugs. (((x)))

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