What footwear to buy

As a young ish bloke with RA im finding the normal trainers do not cut it for comfort.

I have been advised to get something with more support and cushioning.

Can anyone recommend any foot measuring/custom shoe places in cheshire/north wales?

I still want to stick with a trainer type look but think im pushing into running shoes.

Does anyone have a similar experience?

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  • Nike flex....flex 2014 you can also buy memory insoles for them..dead cummfy...I've found them over good.

  • Oops really

  • Get some insoles from your podiatrist within your rheumatology department you can put them inside any trainers shoes or boots - you may have to buy half or a whole size larger. They give you the additional support you need. I ruptured my Achilles' tendon July last year and can only wear boots that support my ankles so wear my hospital insoles in my Dr Martens. I happen to love my DMs so change them every day, they are fantastic, comfortable to wear and look cool. I have over 30 pairs, and there is a sale on the Dr Martens site of 50% off

  • There is some advice about footwear on the Nras site.

    I found that the (private) podiatrist that I consulted was very helpful on the type of footwear that I needed. She even asked me to bring some of my (dancing) footwear with me to the next appointment so that she could advise on specialist use. I have now bought some Hotter boots which give me the necessary support for dancing.

  • Doc martens work for me with orthotics inside

  • Trainers with orthotic insoles !! Ask to be refer to orthotics for help, good luck.

  • My podiatrist recommended Brooks Addiction Walkers. Very supportive and comfortable. Brooks also make running shoes.


    I would also recommend asking to see a podiatrist if you've not already done so. Custom made orthotics really help.

  • Thanks for posting this question. I too have RA and am beginning to run. I'm concerned about pain and damage to my feet and this has been most helpful!



  • Thanks for the replies.

    I have seen a podiatrist and didn't get much help.

    I was told the custom insoles generally don't fit in men's trainers.

    May try again and ask for a different one.

  • Try a shop that sells walking gear etc. We have Cotswold here in Wales and I have had excellent, attentive care from the assistants. Also, have you seen a podiatrist for insoles?

    Good hunting! xx

  • I swear by Skechers on the go they are much lighter than other trainers and have memory insoles

  • Hi fyldavo!

    I agree with Sunflower62, Skechers on the go (or 'go walk' for women) changed my life after years of not finding comfy shoes - they are like walking on air as they have memory foam! I prefer the lace ups for extra support.

    I'd also recommend Ecco as well, especially for winter boots and Josef Seibel for supportive sandals. I think their websites do free delivery and returns so you can try them out without hassle of sitting in a shop. Or amazon has Skechers too.

    Hope that helps :)

  • Hi

    Some new balance shops have a treadmill and they film your gait and tell you if your feet are over or under pronated and advise on the right trainers. My hubbie runs and always wears new balance.

    I would push your rheumy for a proper biomechanics like assessment as it's very important your feet are supported.

    I have special custom made insoles in my shoes and I could function without them. I am currently in Nike trainers from Go Outdoors they are sooooo comfy!

    Good luck

  • Couldn't function without I meant!

  • I find with insoles, they take up to much room in my shoe. So then my shoe is tight. I found Sketchers with memory foam the most comfortable. I need the cushion on the bottom of my toes where it hurts the most.

  • Hiya,

    I wear skate shoes - air walks/vans/entnies

    Lots of padding and deep - supports my ankles and room for orthotics and swelling!

    Kind regards



  • Well Iv just bought some sketchers. Let's see how I get on

  • I wear good quality baseball boots for everything - the kids do a double take - but they are supportive and cushioned and work for me.

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