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Nodule info please

Hi to everyone - I've found a little lump at the bottom of my thumb, well, sort of midway between thumb and wrist.....wasn't there yesterday, and not got this on opposite thumb. I can't tell if it's a nodule or not! It feels solid, like bone. The skin is red. Can anyone enlighten me about nodules please? From what I've read, and in pictures, I thought rheumatoid nodules would be softer?? And if it IS a nodule, does that mean the disease is getting worse? Would be really grateful to hear from anyone who does have them. Thanks a lot.

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Haven't had any for a long time but used to get them in my fingers / hands. If my memory serves they are pretty much as you describe, bony lumps.

I don't recall them being particularly painful, but it has been a while since I last had one.


Thanks for that, will get it checked out.


Best let your doctor look at it. I thought I had one in the exact same spot, under thumb midway between thumb & wrist on palms side.

My GP was confused at it and my rheumy said it was a swollen ligament.


Interesting! Thanks for your advice - I see the biologics specialist nurse in 10 days time anyway, so she'll prob have more idea than my GP. Having RA has been a real eye-opener for me, about how little GP's actually know about this disease! But I might still go and show him, if the worry gets too much.... it's a weird looking lump, definitely not had anything like this before. Thanks again.

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Do you think it might be a ganglion? I had something like you describe & that is what it was. Eventually my Rheumy drained it as although it was a hard lump, it was in fact fluid,...but it just kept returning & eventually got painful so I had it removed. Very simple little job as outpatient.

That was a couple of years ago & it hasn't returned no probs.

Hope you sort it soon.


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