Electric Blanket!!!

Hi I really hope you are all having a pain free day, This weather i know is really getting us all down, My lovely hubby brought me a nice electric blanket yesterday and i really don't know how i have been coping without one, I normal take a hot water bottle to bed which i still do but the thing is i never want to get out of it :(((( roll on the summer :) xxx

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  • I got one they are great arent they x.. summer, what . the only summer we have is me!!!

  • And we love you to XXXX

  • I love mine. And my cat does too.

  • i dont need one im already an electric blanket

  • better than being a wet blanket!

  • How lovely of your husband to do something practical to help you :o)x

  • As a retired maintenance electrician, I wouldn't advise using a water bottle as well. If it develops a minor leak during the night, and moistens the electric blanket, just a little, so you dont notice, it could have disastrous results when you switch it on later. Heard of it happening. Better to be safe than sorry. Try a wheatie bag instead. You just stick it in the micro wave for a couple of minutes or so, depending on the size. Theyre great, and safe. Good luck.

  • Thanks i never thought of that, x

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