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Child with Herberdens Nodes

Hi my daughter is doing well with her knee and hip pain we are on LDN, Vit D and other supps. The big issue is these nodes on her fingers keep flaring up and are very painful, it's really hard for her to use her fingers at all sometimes.... Does anyone have this and have any useful tips of reducing the inflammation on these nodes? She can't take Ibuprofen because of her kidneys... I was wondering if there wasa topical cream or something..... She's had this for about 3 years, they seem to flare up every 3/4 weeks... xx

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Hi Rustysaddle - I don't know enough about JIA to advise but I do have Herberdens nodes too and they seemed to spring up on each of my fingers after the RA started. I believe in my case that they are secondary Osteoarthritis and they do bother me rather too but I'm fifty so could just be put down to wear and tear or be hereditary (although neither of my parents had them). If no one here answers you might find more advise if you go to the section for parents on the Arthritis Care site? Good luck I hope you can find something that helps. Tilda xx


Thank you so much I am worried, we seem to have sorted out a lot of stuff like Vit D deficiancy and iron... this is the only thing left to iron out... will hv a look:-) xx


I have a sore heberden node on my right hand which has loosened my grip and makes it harder to for me to play the organ at church. I've just recently found Flexiseq cream and it has really helped - it has reduced the background ache to nothing and made it a lot easier for me playing the organ. The cream doesn't contain an analgesic, and I'm not sure how it works. It's also not cheap, at £16.45 from my local chemist, or £12.00 from Tesco, but it does seem to be worth it.


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