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DLA application forms,

Can anyone help with this, my friend won his appeal only 4 weeks ago and was granted dla till 2014 by the appeal panel, then he received new application forms from the DLA do you think this was sent out as a formality as there was over 2 million sent out to re apply i dont think he could go through this the last time stressed him out so much,

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Not sure about this, is there a phone number on the forms/letter that he could contact asking if it's a mistake.


Listen to you worrying about others!! Go get yourself seen to, you are up early in pain man! You need to go and get seen to urgently at a and e so they can help you get more controlled !! This could be a mistake for the repeat form, just tell him to give them a ring.

Good luck xxxxx


Probably a case of the left hand not knowing what the right is doing.

Those "dates" that people have for how long their DLA has been granted don't make sense any more, because of the way DLA is rolling out reviews and changeover to PIP and getting people to do new applications when they didn't expect it, so even people with "indefinite" awards are being made to reapply.

Definitely get them to phone DLA, and if there is any confusion at all, involve CAB in it - they can do so much more to find out and make sure its all OK.


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