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just thought id give an update of my recent appeal for dla which was this wednesday just gone and yet again the appeal was refused saying i didnt meet their criteria i know that im not permanently paralysed and unable to move but when i think of all those out there that get it and shouldnt it makes me so annoyed that the genuine ones get overlooked it doesnt help that i think i may be starting with one of my flare ups i had to go back to bed at just after 9 this morning i feel as though ive been on some real hard drugs as im doing this blog im having trouble with what im putting cos my eyes dont seem to want to work properly i feel sick and my hands and wrists feel really heavy and uncomfortable i only got up to go to the loo and let the dogs out in the garden and it was only then when i found the letter regarding the appeal its a shame my appeal wasnt today cos i could have slept through it instead of trying to answer all the bloody questioning they do but life goes on im still up for a fight and when i can read and get my head around it properly il be looking in to taking it further if i thought i wasnt entitled to any group of dla i would walk away and it would be done with but none of us chose to have this disease which is with us for life so i will take it to the end i just hope that if i come across the chair woman of the appeal i hope i see her suffering as when ive finished here im off to start making my voodoo doll!

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Am sorry to hear that it`s a pity that they don`t suffer what we do. Pain is bad enough and not knowing when it will come let alone not sleeping. I would not wish it on my worst enemy but hope some on the panel get it and are refused


I would get legal advice if i was you as you obvisely need help. I am sorry it has not been given to you again. Keep your chin up. sylvi.xx


im off to the cab on monday for some guidance ive already been on the phone firstly to the appeals office and then to the dwp i was advised to go to a solicitor by them but unfortunately funds wont allow that my arguement is that if the dwp have tried to get medical information from the wrong consultant which they gave me a copy of what else are they hiding im a person on a mission now its really peed me off unfortunately the unreliability of my r.a at the minute makes me untouchable for any employment thats why my present employers are wanting to finish me on ill health grounds im just waiting for them to follow up the medical but im not going to give up without a fight


I am sorry too hear you news. It makes of really sad that genuine people are refused. I get lower rate dla since I had my breast CA. never appIlied for increased rate as still being paid from my present job.the whole system stinks of unfairness. I too know people who play the system. Good luck Take Dow advice you can and get what is officially yours.

:-) Carole


I appeal again with consult ant letter and got straight away worth a try.he knows u best



Sorry your appeal was unsuccessful but you must try again but this time you should get help from either citizens advice bureau or a social worker. Its all down to the way you answer the questions and you should emphasise the worst scenarios. Eg do you need help with personal hygiene and you answer yes. Don't be afraid to do this even if on good days which I know from personal experience are few and far between that you manage sometimes ok. The questions have to be answered to show that you need some if not maximum help. You will then be visited by an independant doctor so once again its worst scenario. Its the only way and yes I know that there's tons of false claimants and the government is looking to save money so it hits the weakest in society- the disabled and people on other benefits. Give it another go Midy!

Regards Jezza


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