DLA, pissed off

i applied for dla a few weeks ago, and got my decision, i have been awarded nothing, and its really pissed me off. i need help getting dressed some days and preparing meals and going shopping, and cutting my food up and my ankles swell so some days it is sore to walk, but in there eyes im fit enough to do things on my own, why does this not suprise me, yet they are giving money to people who are ffit and can do these things but probably just choose not too. im so annoyed, i dont think i have the energy to appeal, and i need to appeal in writing which is painfull in my wrist and fingers, why cant they understand this.

any advice would be great. time for another coffee i think.

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  • I'm sorry to hear that, have you phoned them to ask them to look at it again, once they do that and it could be a while for another decision but when they do that they will ask you some questions over the phone, if you are unfortunately still get refused the help you need, that is when you set an appeal up, you will probably have to go in person to wherever they hold the appeal. I know it's a mess having to do these things BUT don't give up trying, I'm sure you will get some very good advice from the other members and unfortunately we can't be there in body but we are all thinking of you.


  • thanks for your reply philip. kind regards..

  • i got refused dec 12 andasked them to look aagain they sent atos doc out and then got lower rate care, backdated iw ould appeal. good luck

  • Hi Jonesi, I think it is harder and harder to get DLA these days, but keep trying. It must be so dreadful to have RA at your age byway, without getting brushed off by DLA. I think you've only recently started on MTX haven't you? So the other way to look at it is to aim to get better enough not to need it at all....with luck the MTX will be a wonder drug for you like it's been for me. From being very helpless before, I can now do most things I want without needing others to help. Fingers crossed that it will work as well for you. Polly

  • good way to look at it yeah, it is hard i suppose , but we have to deal with the deck we got dealed lol. i have started mtx 3 weeks ago, hope it kicks in soon, as it seems to be spreading to my ankles and knees now, its very active.

  • Best advice is to go see CAB disability advisor. They are the ones who really understand the whole DLA system and can help you through it, whether its an appeal, or waiting the required length of time and helping you to apply again, making sure the questions are answered using exactly the right words to make sure it ticks boxes for the dla decision makers.

    CAB can also help find out exactly why you were turned down. It could be something you can't actually do anything about right now (eg if you haven't been disabled the required length of time), but at least you would know.

  • I have also been turned down and I not only have Ra but have other Neurological problems too including right sided weakness and slurred speech. They say it isn't a stroke but don't say what it is. I am always falling, my balance is very poor, I cannot prepare meals and cannot look after myself. They say I can walk albeit very slowly with walking aids. What a load of rubbish! I don't know how you have to be to get DLA. I am appealing through the CAB they do the writing for you. Don't give up! Fight back! I am even though I am just as upset as you. It's costing me fortune in disability aids to make my life a bit easier.

  • Keep applying is my mantra. xx

  • As Polly said it must be especially hard being younger with RA and getting turned down for DLA - at least when RA strikes older people they have had a chance to do lots of things such as having kids and have often had a full working life already. Ask the CAB and they will help you with the actual writing and the appeal itself I hope. Take care - I hope the MTX kicks in soon for you. Tilda x

  • I am with earthwitch on this one DLA refused me first time. I was advised to see someone at CAB to help fill in the forms et voilà I got it. Good luck.

  • give them a ring, I appealed and was refused a second time. I was told to wait another six months because if you appeal with the same info no matter how bad that is; they will come to the same conclusion. I'm with Tilda and Polly, if the meds take hold and do their job in six months you will be feeling better and the hands and feet will work again; I'm now on esa work group and although I appealed it didn't go anywhere so I'm looking forward to working sometime and feeling better inmyself, I really hope that you get to feel better soon. I know what it feels like though as at the time when you are in pain and the body will not work you think it will never end or even get worse; but thats not the case, with good treatment you will get improvements. All the best


  • Definatley use CAB, as someone has already said they will fill in the form for you and know what words to use which score points. Fingers crossed for you.

  • I got turned down three times and appealed once but still got no where. I went to see cab and they helped me fill in the form and I got it all. They knew what to write in gov speak. Don't give up that's what they want us to do, get what is rightfully ours.

  • I was refused first time I asked for report and discovered a mix up and they had assessed me as having a stroke so do check I got it on pointing out issue .good luck

  • i was also refused dla after suffering ra for 19 yrs ,dont give up they sent a gp to assess me and he basically said i could do alot (when i asked for report back )appealed against decission and they sent another gp who worked for the dla and he was brilliant he couldnt beleive id been declined ,To busy handing money out to alcholics and drugaddicts and also unemployed ,dont give up thats my message ,

  • I was turned down last year as they said my Rheumy had told them my condition was expected to improve. I guess they can always use this reason as a get-out as you could argue the next new drug you try might be the one that works for you so you won't need help.

    I was too upset to appeal, I have social phobia as well so can't 'just pick up a phone and ring someone'. I wonder if the people who made the decision on my case would care if they could see me six months on, crawling up the stairs on my forearms and shins because every joint in my arms and legs are agony; and limping and staggering to work in tears because if I don't work we don't eat. Probably too busy congratulating themselves on all the benefit cheats they care catching out these days.

    Yeah I'm a bit bitter!

  • A friend of mine got help from the local DSS office in completing application forms for her two daughters - they know all the right words and jargon etc - and both were successful first time. Do keep trying. (Or Social Worker?)

  • Same happened with me. I went to our local DICE office (I think this may be just a local voluntary institution) and the lady there was wonderful - she practically filled in the forms for me and when I was turned down, encouraged me to apply again. I ended up not applying again, but mainly because I felt it would be a waste of time (tho maybe not).

    The dr. who came to assess me came at the best time possible - on a Saturday at around noon. So, I wasnt at work or stressed due to work and by noon my body has warmed up and yet not become tired out from the day, so I am at my best! Unfortunately, I didnt play up my symptoms which the DICE lady said to do - e.g. if asked if you can hook up a bra, don't say sometimes, say no. If asked about anything, report the worst case scenario, rather than be brave and say sometimes I can do it! He watched me walk upstairs - well, sometimes I have to take 1 or 2 and then rest, but of course I went up no problem when he watched me!

    I agree, there are people taking the you know what, but forget about them. Do appeal it or go for it again, and be as pathetic and disabled as you can be when that dr. comes to assess you. (Remember these drs are being paid by the govt. to probably NOT approve the DLA!)

    Good luck and don't give up

    Contact DIAL which may have a service to help you fill out forms etc.

    CAB may be able to help too (my brother in law is using them to appeal his Disability being taken away).

    Lynn xx

  • hi,i had to apply 3 times to get £20 a week but so worth it to know the listened to me ,have you got support from your drs and rheumy etc? have you sent letters etc that you can send? good luck hope the listen to you soon xxx

  • thanks all for your help and adive, i have appealed and i shall let you know how i get on, now off to get my bloods done, hope they are ok.



  • I applied myself and was refused, then I was advised to make an appointment with DIAL, a voluntary group for my area, and got it. You definiately need help filling in the forms, good luck, Ann x

  • Applied twice and refused when could hardly walk, im back like that again due to failed meds I cant do zios or buttons or prepare veg, lift etc.. left arm dominant hand side virtually useless and severe elbow pain. om signed off work

  • yeah i cant do buttons or zips either, and preparing veg and lifting aswell. i have appealed against it , so we shall see what happens. xxxx

  • Could you have some one help you write it,some attorneys will do it commission upon winning

    I am pissed off for u

  • Hi I have just been turned down as well but they are going to interview me over the telephone. I get quite flustered and angry when they are condescending. I am annoyed, like you, especially as I had a Welfare Services Officer fill in the forms for me. He said at the time " you won't have a problem getting this" . I did think he would appeal for me but no he said just give them a call. I hope you get yours sorted soon x

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