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hi every1 i have posted my form for dla hope they make the right decision because i am getting so stressed about this thinking allsorts what if they say no how do i appeal would have a clue where to start so if anebody can help me with any tips on what to do would be great then on top of that i have got brain fog dont no if this is due to stress but i am having short term memoray loss going to see my nurse on the 8th see what she sed as i missed my app with mu speacilist beacause i got the day wrong what the hell is wrong with me feels like i am goin insane and this upsets me a lot :(

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Hi Ords,

Hope your feeling better. The best thing to do with the DLA is tell them how it really is.

If you do this then your OK, you have to send in reports from you consultant so they will back you up.

There is a tribunal procedure . If the decision is wrong, the best thing to do with these things is to get help with the forms as it the wording that counts.also if you do get help there is a better chance of you getting a better outcome.

Hope this helps.

I know about these pesky forms as my son has special needs- he was declined at a very young age, he has autism, grrrr how dare they!


i have told them how it is on a really bad day and sent reports in about my x-rays are worse and my blood count is elvated whatever this means my ruma nurse said she would write how my ra affects my everday life and send this to them i am trying not to worry but i did not ask for this bloody illness neither do i want it give me healthy anyday and go to work leed a normal life like normal people i just feel humiliated about telling them what is wrong with me its bad enough coping everyday and been in my own little bubble think i have done more crying over the past 3 week than i have ever done things can only get better am trying to keep a open mind about it thanks for your advice hun means a lot xxxx


All the best Ords, hope you get a positive result. You never know you may get it first time off.

I have got the brain fog thing as well and i am really frightened about it, i keep blaming the drugs really hope it isn't the ra. Forgetfulness, dopey, just generally really off and so so tired. Could be stress as well. Will look forward to hearing what the nurse says. Have a good night.


Hi Ords, if you are turned down, you can appeal but it must be done within 28 days of the decision to refuse. You can also ask for reasons for turning you down which will give you some idea of where they are coming from. Show that to your GP/Consultant who can then redo their reports to cover what the DWP says.

Any help required, go to your local CAB who are used to dealing with this and they will help you all they can. Good luck. LavendarLady x


Hello Ords,

Just wanted to send my support. There's lots of good advice already been given.

I'm sorry you feel so stressed, I have just had my ATOS medical and am waiting for the result any day now so I understand how stressed you must feel.

I really hope it all goes well for you and you start to feel better soon.

Suzanne xx


Hi Ords, I wish you the very best of luck, it can take up to 12 weeks for a decision especially if they contact doctor or specialist.

If successful the payments are backdated to the date of claim.

I can confirm your not alone in thinking how difficult these forms are, they are horrendous. People with long term chronic conditions spend all their time trying to stay positive and these forms ask about all the negative things, it really brings home what we have lost and leaves people feeling really down, sadly in some cases people become depressed and even suicidal.

I hope you get the benefit, but if not APPEAL, but don't do it on your own. Enlist the support of a welfare rights worker at your local CAB. Obviously any medical evidence you can get confirming how the condition affects your daily life is great, this could be letters of support from anyone who knows how you are on a daily basis and can confirm the things you struggle with.

I've added the benefits and work website link for anyone who wants more information about sickness/disability benefits.

Good luck

Beth xxx


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