esa appeal

well done my notes for my appeal , of to my job centre tomorrow , to take it down so they can fax it to chippenhiam , than to see If I get more points , or will I be sighing on , lol . not been to well this week feel so tired , had a tooth out last Monday, had to go back Friday as was in so much pain, was told I have a dry socket, so yes more tablets to take , still not pain free as of yet, will give it till wens as the amoxicillin should have work by then . lol may it not no wot to cure . as got a bad ear as well wot with all me joints as well . falling apart at the mo , xx

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  • Good luck with it hun as long as you got paperwork etc u should be okay xxx

  • Good luck, Toothaches and ear aches are not nice at all, I hope you feel better soon xx

  • Good luck hope all goes well and your pain goes x

  • Good luck hope all goes well and your pain goes x

  • Good luck, I'm off to cab this afternoon to see if they can offer further advice on my appeal notes, then it will be posted off. Sympathy in buckets loads for tooth ache, ouch.

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