Angry about ESA

I have been getting ESA for the past year. I had a health assessment a few weeks ago, I was pleased as it was with a doctor but they had my information wrong and hadn't recorded down that I had Rheumatoid arthritus I thought I explained my condition well and she could see I was in pain and my gran had too drive me to the door and I had many hospital letters and one from my GP explaining my condition but they still phoned me yesterday saying I am not eligible anymore due to mobility even though I originally got ESA for migraines and am now unable to walk at all some days. I am confused angry and feel like know one is willing to help me I am desperate to work and have tried many times in the past few years while my condition has got worse. I just don't know what More I can do I feel very upset and have no money now I am not applying for Job seekers as I would have no problem finding a job but I'm not well enough too work! My fanily should not be supporting me financially im 22.I have appealed for mandotory reconsideration but what do i do now!

sorry so long,

Elli x

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  • Hi Elli,

    For one so young, you shouldn't be having to cope with all this. Citizens Advice are brilliant with this sort of thing (from personal experience).

    Hope you can get some happy results to ALL your problems soon.

    Babs x

    I'll send a very gentle hug x

  • Look on the Benefits & Work website, I always use them before filling in forms. Good luck.

  • Get in contact with your local CAB office and ask to speak to their disability advisor they know their stuff. Get in contact with you local MP s/he may be able to help... They all hold local surgeries in their constituency. Get in touch with the NRAS help line they will advise/help.

    All the best


  • Hi, try to get in touch with your local citizen advice bureau and get an appointment with a specialist adviser who deals in these areas. They are usually really helpful and have great experience in helping with these type of queries. They will advice you on how to proceed and hopefully give you some direction in the best way to proceed with the matter and what your options are too.

  • Hi send in more information to m r if this gets rejected you can appeal look at reg 35 on government sights to get into a support group

  • My Gp has refused to allow me to work even though ESA have said i am able to. I have been told that if my GP won't sign me off then no one will employ me due to insurance problems. My advice is contact CAB and also look on Benefits and Work website. They charge a membership fee for individual questions but give lots of form filling advice for free. I can't walk, so esa told me to get a wheelchair. Are these people human or what?

  • I am sorry you've had a bad time. Why did you have to have a health assessment? I've claimed since 2013 and am in the support group but have never seen anyone.

    Can you re apply and get your consultant to write them a letter to fight your case

  • Hi don't know if you have a look to see if you have a disability solutions or something like that in your area they have helped me so much they helped fill in my esa forms and also with pip they don't charge but ask if you would give a donation if happy with the service. I went to my local cab who were nice but they were not like tge disability solutions they are normally run by people who have been through similar situations to ourselves and some are volunteers but most of all they really seem to understand and I can't thank them enough have helped me so much I hooe you get some help worth looking to see a friend told me about them or I wouldn't have known . Hope you get sorted and hope this helps good luck let me know


  • I've also just had esa assessment because doc signed me off sick for more than 13 wks, dwp have decided to put me in work related activity group, it's to help me back to work in the future, but your only allowed to claim for 1 yr after that I don't know, if your in support group you don't have to see anyone, I also can't walk far and get pip for mobility, I can't drive , so should be interesting as I can't get to bus stop to get to job centre, but I have 1 month to ask for decision to be changed , will see how it goes, if I were you I would speak to cab there very helpful

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