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Ouchey Jaw Ache !!!

Hiya all....hope you are doing ok despite all ..

I've been doing ok just sore knees but not pain like some of you poor people until ...had a niggly jaw but now really painful ?! Can feel that my teeth aren't meeting properly and it really hurts to eat. Just had some noodles but even that hurt and tonight feels almost like ear ache. Defo RA as I mentioned it to my GP yesterday as I was there re another water infection :( ! But wot can I do bout jaw ache I love eating and chatting lol ...but jokes aside this is really getting painful ...this RA is really something isn't it..? !!

Rant over - a fed up Claire feeling like jaws x

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Sorry your in pain.

The right side of my face and right ear ached for months till my dentist made me a night guard.

Since then I have not had any tooth ache or pain in my jaw area since.

Worth a try. If you get esa you make get it paid for you. Mines cos 60pounds but well worth it..

Good luck for pain free days.



I found this really interesting, as I'm awaiting my first appointment with a Rheumatologist and am yet to be diagnosed, although I'm pretty certain I have RA or something similar. I have had pain in my jaw, causing earache too, for a while on and off, and sometimes feel as if my jaw is 'stiff' and it is an effort to eat or talk (my 2 favourite occupations!). I will make sure I mention it to the Rheumy.

I really hope you manage to get your pain under control very soon.


Hi ya,,

I thought I was strange having that symptom because nobody believed me that it was RA well that was the Rheumy Nurse anyway! My Gp just said "it's RA" Well thanks but when you've cooked your favourite steak it's really annoying that you have to suck it!!! This happens unexpectedly about once a month, no rhyme nor reason, just wake up with a stiff jaw and like you say teeth not meeting, it last for about 3 days then wears off and I'm back to normal, well not really normal RA normal, even though I'd found it hard to eat for 3 days I still hadn't lost weight; you'd think there would be some benefits!!!!!

Hope yours don't last for long.

Happy chewing Carol


hi carol

i get this off and on usually comes at the end of the day thought and its more in the gums if thats any help its a bit of a pain chewing your favorit meal on one side of your teath aint it.

so your not alone. and sometimes whistling in your ear.

ive started flossing me gums just in case its bacteria in the gums every little bit helps you could try that cos some things can set others off and it might be ya imune system saying infection in teath attack and destroy.

regards john


I get the weird noises in my ear on the same side as the jaw ache, too. If it's quiet in the room it sounds like rushing water and a faint ringing in that ear. Mine also comes and goes indiscriminately, but lots of heavy chewing is a definitely 'no no'!


Ok Guys, we can't all have gum disease and that's what my dentist said when I told him of these same symptoms. I said that it was funny that all this started when I had just been diagnosed with PsA, since then I have had to loose a couple of teeth which is not good. On my next visit I shall inform him that you are all in the same boat as me and for him to look into it a bit more closely rather than fobbing me off with his diagnosis.



I've also had on and off jaw pain which at times feels like earache, plus the feeling that my upper and lower teeth don't match anymore and can't open mouth as wide. Mentioned it to my dentist when it all started, she said she thought it could be down to me grinding teeth at night. I'm convinced it's the RA because it seems worse when I'm having a flare. Plus it seems such a coincidence that this only started when the RA did.

Having said that, like Watson she made a guard for me to wear at night and I find that if I wear it for just one or two nights the pain goes away again for quite a while, so maybe she was right? She also told me to never chew gum and to avoid hard, chewy foods as much as possible. Have certainly found biting into apples difficult and now cut them into tiny pieces.

May be worth you asking your dentist for advice?




Caroline's posting is spot on. Tooth grinding (known as bruxism) at night can cause this problem. And the solution is simple. But the tooth grinding can be down to various causes. I've never heard of RA as a cause, but it sounds possible. So yes, ask your dentist about it and to make sure teeth and gums are sound. An infected tooth or gum tissue can be the root cause (oops, sorry) and do make sure your oral hygiene is good. If you have RA in your hands, this can be more difficult. A good rechargeable electric toothbrush with a rotary oscillating head (like the Braun Oral B) can be a good investment - it'll last for years.

You can do without ongoing dental problems on top of the RA!!

John (retired dentist)


I was told by my dentist and my gp that it was TMJ (Temporomandibular joint disorder) and it was very common. It can be caused by tension in the night or grinding your teeth. Since most of us are in pain in the night and don't sleep well it aggravates it.

I am now taking Amitriptyline (20mg a night as a mild sedative) for my Fibromyalgia which has helped with the jaw pain since I am able to sleep marginally better.

You can get the night guard, I found I was unable to keep it in; kept spitting it out at night (again my dentist said this was also common). If it is very severe, you may be referred to a surgeon but that is very rare from what I was told.

I would defiantly go see your dentist about it.



This is the worst pain I have found with RA. When I get it I cant swallow or anything. Like you said feels like earache only 100 times worse. I have ended up at er and got morphine injection. I hope this is a one off for you and calms down soon.



Thanks everybody for advice ....as usual you are all great ! I'll give ita few days on soft foods and see wot happens ...porridge it is then lol :))) thanku Claire x


Coming in late here and I'm very glad to say that I haven't suffered from this problem yet and hope that I don't of course. But a close friend has something similar and was sent to a jaw consultant (with a special name I can't recall) who said the same thing about tension, teeth clamping and stress (she had recently lost her only child). Also re John's comment - I wonder if others here have read that there is thought to be a very strong link to oral hygiene, gum disease and decay and inflammatory arthritis? I've read several articles about it when trying to get to the bottom of this foul taste in my mouth and lack of smell sense. I asked my dentist about it a while ago and she said she had indeed read about this too. Tilda x


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