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Any hints or tips for completing the DLA Form??

I have completed the form once and got rejected on both counts, then I went to citizens advice who helped me appeal and then today I got a letter saying they have lost my paperwork please could I complete the whole form again.

Any hints or tips will be greatly appreciated I started applying in August so would like to get it sorted soon :-)

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Hi Marnie,

Oh so sorry to hear they have lost your paperwork as I know how hard these forms are to fill in.

My OT helped me with my claim and put me intouch with welfare rights who fought my case for me, she also told me to make a list off all the things I struggled with day to day as and when it happened as you cant always remember everything you struggle with when filling in the form, she then signed off my list to say that she agreed that I was struggling with these day to day duties and I also got my doctor to sign a copy also.

Be honest and tell them everything, if your struggling with personal things tell them, dont be shy! I know I have times were the pain and discomfort has been that bad that I cant physically wipe my own bottom! Not something you want to admit but if you dont admit the personal things you wont get anywere.

If you need any more advise with any parts off the form etc please feel free to pm me and I will try my best to help, it took me 12 months off failing then my OT helped and guided me and 4 months later all was sorted in my favour.

Her help was totally invaluble so if I can pass any off her advice on I will.

Good luck and dont give in I know how tempting it is too when you keep getting knocked back

Julie x


Hi Babes

I facebooked you



Hi Marnie, what a nightmare, sometimes DWP are so inefficient.

It's important you give a clear picture of how your condition affects you on a daily basis good and bad.

As Julie says keep a diary for a week or so of exactly how you feel day to day be honest and if you can't do something or struggle say so, no matter how embarrassed you may feel it's paramount to your claim you inform them. It don't worry if it's a tiny detail as long as it helps the decision maker gets a clear picture. I even told them how difficult going out shopping was and how it affected me the following days.

Think about everything you do, from sleeping to getting up, dressing, washing and how you feel afterwards, add how you manage during the day and how you feel in the evening. Don't worry about repeating yourself while doing the form some questions will have the same answer.

Also send any evidence you have to support your claim, letters from consultants, OT's even work if you've had help/adaptations at work, get a letter confirming this. I always request copy letters from my consultant to GP so I have this evidence if needed. I also sent a copy of my repeat prescription.

Also, get a letters of support from anyone who has helped you i.e. Doctor, O.T, Physio, Housing Dept, Social services anyone who knows your condition and how it affects you.

I'd also advise you to get some help from CAB, or another welfare rights organisation. Also check out benefits and work website it has loads of useful information/tips for filling in forms, link below.

Good luck if you need any help feel free to message me or find me on FB (Elizabeth Cook, Newcastle)

Beth xxx


this is just what happended to me.I now photocopy all my forms. I complete them by saying "on my worst days I can ....."mine does usually get accepted but i know they are cracking down no so Ill have to see next time. Your welfare rights service is a good place to visit too,they always very helpful and supportive.

Good luck


Hi Marnie, this is just typical of the inefficiency we have come to expect from the DWP. I suggest you go back to CAB who will help fill in the form for you again. You will however, need to obtain all your other evidence again, i.e. GP report, consultant's reports etc but they should have retained copies anyway so it is only a question of requesting them. Tell them also why you need them again because of the DWP and hopefully, there will be no charge.

Good luck. LavendarLady x


Oh no!

How awful to fill in the form only for them to lose it!

We have a booklet on filling in DLA, which might be helpful:

Also, we advise basing it on your average bad day. It's useful to have help filling in the form, so maybe see if CAB can help again. If not, DIAL (Disability Information & Advice Line) can also help. You can phone and be directed to your local DIAL office on 01302 310123.

Good luck

Victoria Backhurst

Helpline & Information Coordinator



Just one more thought to add to all this good advice. Chances are you can't write for very long if your hands are anything like mine. (My first - rejected - effort took me days and made me weep having to admit to all my weaknesses.) If someone else writes it for you make sure that this important fact is also mentioned somewhere.

Good luck!



I went through the same thing and was rejected - I got our local DICE office to help me - she was great, practically filled forms in for me. Told me to be completely honest - if you have trouble with something once in a while, don't say once in a while, just say you have trouble with it! My assessment was a farce - the dr. came out on a Saturday at noon - the best day and time of day for me as I am worse first thing in the morning and late afternoon, so of course I could manage the stairs okay, etc. But my main problem was not being able to do housework, gardening, several cooking tasks. But as I didnt need personal care (i.e. help to bathe, dress etc.) I was refused. My husband helps with any problems dressing and I only take showers so I didnt really have probs. with that. As others have advised, be complete and honest and DICE told me to try again in 6 months (which I haven't done as I retired and my husband and I are managing okay at the moment). But the assessment was ridiculous - also they never contacted my GP or my RA consultant which I thought was silly.

Good luck and I would say dont give up - stay on it!!!

DICE is Disabled Information Centre - not sure if this is a national org. or not.

Good luck Marnie.


Hi Lyn-bel, I would advise you to try again. Once you have DLA it will continue until 65 and beyond so you don't need to apply for Attendance Allowance once you hit 65. (Until the government changes everything and the method of claiming). CAB will help with the forms as well. Also gather your reports - I would be inclined to send copies with the DLA application. Make sure the next time the assessment is done, they come first thing in the morning when you are at your worst! They need to see you then. Otherwise it is just tick boxes which is why many people fail not only DLA but ESA as well.

When I applied 3 years ago, they did contact my GP and she told me she had sent a report, likewise my consultant and the ATOS specialist who did the report for my company.

Even if you don't need personal care, you can still get the mobility bit of the DLA. I don't get the care allowance but do get mobility.

So try again and good luck. LavendarLady x


Hi LavendarLady - many thanks for the encouragement. I may well try again - nothing to lose!

I will certainly get my GP and consultant involved if I try again.

Glad you got yours sorted - every little bit helps.




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