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well today was my dreaded interveiw for esa transfer from incapacity benefit and i was suprised , i was in their 20 minutes asked about my health and told i would be contacted again in 6 months for another reveiw , I was so stressed about going and cant understand what i was fussing about or in fact why they even went to the trouble of meeting me ...

If anyone else has one coming up dont worry like i did it wasnt worth it ..


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  • My other half is having panic attacks about his (just waiting for date), he has major problems with his spine and suffers from chronic depression etc. He's not coping at all well with the thought of it. (We know a couple of people, including a girl with severe learning difficulties (this is being appealed cos she was interviewed without her carer) who lost their benefit. I know it is to sort out the work sh, but come on, people with genuine, serious disability are losing too, the people who interview need more training!! rant over!!

  • i also know other people who have lost benefits i was so stressed about going im just hoping i wasnt to hasty thinking how nice and undestanding she was

  • Best wait until you get the report and see what they have written Sharon. They are well known for commenting on how well presented you were and how comfortably you sat for any length of time, how and if you walked from your car. It all means you are able to work in their book. They may have been putting you at ease so your guard is down. I have read it many times how relaxed the meeting was, how kind and concerned the interviewees were and then the report is riddled with inaccuracies. Don't want to be a kill joy so good luck and hope all goes well.

    TK xxx

  • i hope it wasnt like that i was very honest with her ans she seemed really understanding ....i didnt even know i got a report ...? does it take long ...

  • Don't forget, if anyone has lost benefits as a result of an ESA interview, it can be appealed and the vast majority of appeals are allowed.

    You should receive a copy of the report from the interview pretty quickly. If not received within say 7 days, ring up and ask for it. They have to provide a copy by law.

    The interview consists of tick boxes to standard questions. Basically, if you are still warm and can talk, you won't pass it which is why it is so important to put in a very fast appeal.

    CAB can help with that as well. LavendarLady x

  • Hi, I'd say wait a few days then ring DWP and request a copy of the medical report. I was put in the WRAG with a review 6mths later (I was totally surprised as I thought I'd be in the support group).

    I am surprised the assessor said anything to you they're not supposed to as it's the decision maker with DWP who decides, though they do tend to go with the ATOS recommendation.

    My interview with ATOS took 90mins, though the (NURSE) who did the medical was very nice, I was horrified when I saw what was in the written report. It was full of lies and contradictions i.e. some medications where missing (even though I supplied a copy of my prescription), where I said I DRIVE to my friends for coffee taking 3 minutes to drive as I can't walk that far... was changed to... visits friends daily, it takes her 3 minutes to get there.

    Not blatant lies but a play with words so caution is advised where ATOS are concerned. I was so furious with the report I made a formal complaint to ATOS and complained to the DWP with an appeal letter (which somehow disappeared!!!). I was subsequently reassessed 6mths later and placed in the support group, much to my relief.

    Once your 6mth is up you;ll be sent another form to fill in and the process of waiting for a decision or invited to a medical begins again. All this stress does actually affect a lot of peoples health putting even more strain on the NHS and according to available figures/costs, the cost of mistakes/appeals is in fact more than is lost through fraud.

    Good luck to you, hope your next assessment is a similar experience for you.

    Beth xx

  • hi beth thabkyou so much i do think im a bit to trusting she didnt mention a report being sent to me she just said i would be reviewed in 6 months time and thats all she said ,

    i will contact cab as soon as i know anything seems i need some support with these things

    thankyou ..x

  • Your welcome. I'm not a 100% sure but I don't think they automatically send you a copy of the report. On the sites I'm involved with people all say they've had to request a copy from DWP.

    Hope it's a good one and what happened to me after 6mth happens for you. x

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