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ESA :-(

Well got very large thick envelope through the post today. It was all the paper work & report of my medical assesment i had where they came to the decision i am fit for work! I am appealing thats why they have sent me everything. I started to read through it all & started to cry half the things they say i can do i can't. I have got intouch with my local C A B & have an appointment in 2 weeks. Just wondered if anyone else has had to go through this & do you have any advise. This whole thing is making me ill. X x Alison

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Thwy are very mean.. you can appeal I dint get any were when I tried in afraid, they are very tough so I am forced to try to carry on working


I had managed to work for the last 4 years since being diagnosed. It makes me sooo angry i wouldn't mind if i had never worked but i have since i was 16 even after having the children ive always worked. Its not fair is it. Xx Alison


I have never claimed ESA, but i am aware that a lot of people on this site have been turned down, which i think is awful, This stress will just add to your problems, The messages i believe that has been given to people is to never give up trying, And the best thing is to go to the CAB to get help in completing the application form, which you have done, I don't blame you for being so angry and upset,when there are people out there that are getting it that shouldn't,

Take Care X


hi alison,poor you,you have done the right thing getting cab to back you,have you got support of dr,rheumy etc?,really good luck they are totally trying to get the wrong ones back to work,and its gonna cost the goverment more money in appeals,good luck and gentle hugs xx


Alison you are going to the right people. Also there is a thing called d.i.a.l have you tried them. I did when i got turned for esa. They can't stop your payments while your appealing though. Hope all goes well for yopu.xxxx


Hi Alison,so sorry they have turned you down.It just isn't fair at all and all the extra stress that it causes too.My sister is currently waiting for her appeal hearing,it has been nearly a year she has been waiting.I hope the CAB can help you with the forms and I truly hope you win your appeal.xx


you definetly need cab or a welfare rights officer behind you. those wca medicals are notoriously cruel and degrading and the 'medicaly qualified' staff who do the assessments are liars and twist the truth so that they can find everyone who is unwell fit for work.

i cant work because of urticaria and depression. (the arthritis is something reletivley new)

i got zero points and i was told i was fit for work - at my wca the 'doctor/nurse' didn't listen to a word i said about how unwell i was but instead failed me because i have pets and i push a shopping trolley to get my groceries!! my pets are all i have, friends soon get sick of you when you're not well. i have noone to do my shopping for me and i need to eat - i have to go out with a trolley!!

i appealed and went to a tribunal and the doctor and the judge ruled in my favour and put me into the support group.

firstly, you must send sick notes to the dwp during your assessment phase, and i advise you to photocopy and keep a copy for youself and send the dwp's copy via recorded delivery.

also, keep a copy of all your hospital appointments, treatments, and hospital and dwp corispondince in a file to gove to the judge at your tribunal.

you could also write a diary describing a typical day. write how long it takes you to dress and about any pain or side effects from medications you take.

its also important that you look through your assessment letter and write down everything in it which is inncorrect, eg. you might have said you can stand for 10 minutes and you wca asessor has written that you said you could stand for an hour.

when you are called for your tribunal, you'll be in a room with a table, you and your welfare rights officer at one side (take a friend with you if you can) and at the oposite side of the table the doctor and judge will ask you questions (like at the wca) but they won't examine you.

if you are in pain -cry, if you need to move around or use the toilet - do it! don't be stoaic because they will think that your ok and coping.

after about 20 -40 minutes they'll ask you to wait outside the room and 10 minutes later you should get a decission..

don't give up - and good luck


Good advice from ratticus, keep appealing, and CAB are great with help and support. It's so stressful though, wish they would pick on those who aren't ill for a change xxxxxhugs Axx


All great advice from everyone.

I have RA amongst other probs, depression features also.

I have been receiving regular emails from a brilliant site called 'Benefits and work' if you google the site and have a look.

I had all the info about ESA from this site, free, before i was moved to ESA from Incapacity benefit. I was determined to get in the support group as i had read how underhand ATOS were on behalf of the DWP!

I have to say it was a huge task, i took each question and thought around it as they, are 'catch questions'.When i really thought about it, i was staggered how these things effected me, eg, Mental health questions i thought were aimed for people with learning difficulties, but no, i have panic attacks and depression and have problems communicating when it happens..

This website gives you access to the guides that ATOS use!!

I did join the membership as i said i would if i got the dreaded letter, of course i did. You don't have to pay to get loads of free info though from them, i payed £15 ish last year, worth every penny.

Honestly, i am passing the word, as i stumbled across the site a couple of years ago.

Its completely up front, certain charities and organisations are linked to them.

Without their help, i know i wouldn't have been put in the support group, as people who are really really poorly, didn't.

The figures are staggering how many people have died or committed suicide through the stress, or being forced back to work when not well enough.

So, turn all that anger towards the crooks that set up the sysem, dont turn it inwards towards yourself and decide you will give it your best shot xx.

Also they are doing the same with people who are on DLA moving them to PIP.

So i will no doubt be having to fill in forms again!! Incidentally, i did all the answers for ESA on computer, there wouldn't have been enough space on the form and my joints wouldn't have coped, i literally explained everything, so lets say, there were numerous sheets of all valid info for them to sieve through!!! Good luck.


This is dreadful, my heart goes out to you such things should not be happening. I hope you can get help from cab etc. and good advice from here



it makes my blood boil when so much money is being given away out of the country and we are doing this to are own people who have ligitimate claims

and its the french who are running the show on sub contract

350 billion going out the country and we do this

and on top of that high speed train to get to london 1/2 hr earlier i would put money on that running late

sorry to here about your plight

regards john


Hi alialibongo

I'm sorry to hear that your ESA claim has been turned down, as the others have mentioned it's certainly worth being persistent and appealing this decision if you feel you are not fit for work. CAB should be able to help, and the organisation that Sylvia mentioned earlier (DIAL - disability information advice lines) can be helpful too although not all of their regional offices have benefits experts. You can find your local DIAL office here:

I wish you the best of luck with your appeal.

Kind regards

Sarah Kate



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