Esa and ill health retirement

I was finished at work with the nhs due to ra, oa and fibro. After applying for ill health i was turned down. I recently appealed with an update from my rheumatologist and have been awarded pension on the grounds of ill health. I am still waiting for it to go through,I think it will b about £450 a month. I am just wondering will i still b entitled to ESA allowance while in receipt of the pension. Any advice would b greatly appreciated.

Thanks Carolineo

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  • I get ESA , you have to fill in a form and tell the dwp if you have got a pension. My ESA was reduced accordingly. It took a good 6 to 8 weeks before they sorted out my ill health pension and was on tenterhooks the whole time. Make sure your manager has completed and sent off the form tho and usually occu health or personell have to sign it too. If you need a hardship payment in the meantime you can apply to the dwp. There's lot of advice on their ESA dwp site. Glad you got it , it has made a huge difference to my life xx

  • They also take other things into account like partners income and savings so check the advice on the site xx

  • Thanks Allanah, i will also have a look on the DWP site.

  • I was refused any benefits like ESA because I was given early retirement on ill health so therefore I could not work anymore and these benefits are only for people who can seek work!

  • No, they are not! Your advice is wrong.

  • Too late now, I have been retired for 4/12 years , but thanks

  • I took ill-health retirement in 1992. I worked for local council and receive a pension. I did get incapacity support and help with mortgage (interest) - although the pension is taken into account. With all the new benefit changes I had to apply for ESA - I am in the support group and nothing has changed much really financially. So - yes - you can get ESA.

  • Thanks Trianon i think it might b worth me applying once my pension is in place.

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