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was on ESA for a year and didn't know it had stop tip l check my bank, so was a major shock, worse was when l phone l was told l should have had a letter a month before it run out explaining what to do next,,,and now lv learn the goverment have move the goalposts ,the ESA money was useful as it kept our heads above the water, but now lm told as my wife works 30hours a week, l cant even get JOBSEEKERS ALLOWCENE lm appealin but lv been told chances are slim,really is heartbreaking,if l could work l would but if lm honest whos going to employ someone who cant promise they will be able to work everyday and who may have to phone in sick cos of their RA is so bad they cant move, Any one have ideas on how to go bout appealing, my welfare officer said l need a doctor letter does anyone know if l had to pay for that

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Rheumatology Nurse Specialists and Occupational Therapists are really good at sorting these things out - you can also write to your rheumatologist and ask for a letter stating that you are being seen by them and what your various diagnoses are. The rheumy nurse and O.Ts are the best people to do a report on your limitations and capabilities. Some GPs are ok about doing these letters but a lot of practices will not do them or charge £3O for a standard letter. You can appeal to be put in the Support Group stating that your condition has worsened. You have to write to the Medical Board who did your original assessment - this is ATOS in many cases, it's vital to send medical evidence. The Decision Maker will then review your case. If they turn you down then you can appeal but since Oct 28th you have to do this process yourself - applying to the Tribunal and sending your evidence. There is a lot of excellent advice and sample forms on the Benefits and Work website

Hope this helps:-}



I hope you get it sorted soon. xx


The CAB may also be able to help you. I really wish you lots of luck with this.

Dotty xx

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Beaker, I really think that you need advice from CAB before you complete the appeal forms. My son is learning and physically disabled and whilst I've managed to keep him on ESA (after completing numerous lengthy forms) I am having to go to a tribunal in an attempt to get him moved from the work-related to the support group, and this is someone who attends a day-centre each day and will never be able to work. It's very hard to be recognised as being unable to work and some of the questions they ask are laughable, i.e., can you lift an empty cardboard box above your head, and so I really think a visit to CAB will be required before you start the process.



I have / am going through the same thing. My doctor did me a letter it cost me £20. I won my appeal about not being fit for work but they put me in the work group but because i had already had my 365 days esa i wouldnt get any more. I am now in the process of trying to get into the support group which again means more letters and waiting for tribunal court to make a decision. I am soooo fed up with it all. Good luck to you xx Alison


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