ESA assessment


Well I got through the assessment today so just have to wait for the decision now.

I was in a bad way today and had to get a taxi right to the door. I was in agony all the way through. The lady doing the assessment asked me how I was getting home I said I would have to see if any family could pick me up.

To my surprise she said they had ordered me a taxi and paid for it and the security lady took me down in the lift.


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  • I hope that it went okay.

  • Aww thank you I hope so too. It's all very stressful getting to appointments. I've just been reading your post . What a day you've had ! Good luck with your MRI. Hope you get sorted.


  • WOW someone doing ESA with a heart that is unheard of. Thank goodness for that though and it bodes well for you for getting it darling.xxxxx

  • They are snakes 🐍

  • Nice - That seems really rare to me, but what a wonderful thing to have happen. Fingers crossed on the assessment..

  • Thank you so much but I wouldn't read to much into that gesture. I think DWP target people with disabilities to keep reducing any benefits as much as possible.

    Take care


  • yeah, unfortunately, you may be right. We have the opposite here in the states - they pretty much just hand out benefits to whomever is breathing, and sometimes, those that aren't..

  • The computer company doing the assessment have to do all that is necessary to get it completed, even to the extent of a home visit, they will resist as much as they can as it eats into their profits but that doesn't mean they can avoid their contractual requirements.

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