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RA nodules and bunions

Not a nice combination! I have two nodules on my feet which do not trouble me much but the cluster of them on top of the bunion really hurt. I am very active, not fashion conscious, but struggle to find shoes to fit and no longer go for long walks. Nodules on my hands are not pretty but causing no problems.

Has anyone had nodules or a bunion removed? How successful was it? Did they return? How long were you out of action after surgery?

Spring is on the way in North Lancashire. Snowdrops are glorious, and the ponies are moulting furiously. Spent a happy hour grooming them in the sunshine the other day, they loved it and nudged me to keep going.

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I've got one on my left foot (a bunion that is). Also a nodule too, it has slightly receded since I started on injectable metho.

I would love to have mine removed. It is a painful operation. I've known people to have good results from the operation but they did not have RA.

Will watch you blog with interest.

The snowdrops are beautiful especially when in huge clusters. I love the spring.

The area you live in is so picturesque.

Best regards



Thanks. It took me 6 months to get any rheumatology care when I moved here a year ago. The rheumatologist said he would refer me to othopaedics re the bunion, and he would see me again in 6 months. Not heard a thing since............ Good job I keep pretty well. Time for a phone call, I think.

Hawthorn buds breaking into leaf now and all the birdtable visitors have brilliant plumage. Great time of year.



Hi Grumpyfell

It may also be worth asking about referral to a podiatrist (foot specialist) who should also be able to advise on how best to manage the bunions and nodules on your feet.

Kind regards

Sarah Kate



I had one on my elbow removed which seems to be a bit of a waste of time. The scar tissue is taking forever to heal and the nodule seems to be growing back.

I actually got a very comfortable pair of walking shoes from Marisota (catalogue) after trying just about every shoe shop in the whole of the north east! They do up to a EEE fitting which may help you.


Thanks, will bear them in mind. To think I used to be an AA fitting!



I know the feeling!


I have nodules on my fingers - mid knuckles - and my rheumatologist said they can grow back often after surgery, and often get worse when your RA is flaring which is what happens to me. I heard MTX can cause nodules. I don't know if this is true. They shrink back down for me when my fingers are not in flare, But are still visible. More like a little raised bit of skin but not lumpy like when I have a flare.

I have seen nice shoes online in Simply Be or The Wide Shoe shop. Trendy here too as well as practical. Just google wide fitting ladies shoes and allsorts comes up D/E to EEEE. Javarta is another online shoe store. Think I spelled that right. My left foot is often swollen and my right skinny so I like the velcro one touch shoes I can alter for each foot. I do like to have a modern shoe too if possible and many modern brands are using Velcro. Clarks K Shoes have D to EE and Clarks Wavewalk trainers/casuals have gorgeous comfortable supportive soles and Velcro fastenings in D. I have a couple of pairs of those. Their Unstructured range too is in D fitting and is generous in width. Some nice styles there.

If you want a really really wide shoe or indeed roomy or comfy regular nicely made socks with a soft hold top which I love as they don't grip tour calf/leg leave a Mark, look online at Cosyfeet. There are some traditional older very wide styles but some quite ok. As I say, the socks there are superb. Lots of foot aids etc too.

NK ;-)


Lots of useful info, thanks. My great-gran used to cut a cross in new shoes with a razor blade, to accomodate the bunion. Hoping to avoid that.........


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