When to start mtx

Hoping to get the ok after chest xray to start on mtx sometime next week. Was planning to take it Friday but first blood test will be due on Good Friday. Can't have it earlier as away on holiday all week so earliest I could have it would be the following Tuesday because of bank holiday Monday. Would that be ok or should I delay taking it.Hope that makes sense.


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  • Hi Tracy, I'd start when it is best for you. Sometimes you can have side effects from meth, so I started mine when I had a few days to rest up. Go have a good break and start when you get back.

    The 1st dose wont make a great deal of difference to you bloods.

    Good luck


  • Ask your GP or rheumatology nurse about the timing of the tests and things to do with meds. They might be OK about you having the test a few days late. I think its quite a good idea to take the MTX on a friday, as that way you have the weekend to recover from it.

  • Thank you for your replies. It's like studying for a new subject at school,so much to take in. Will chat to nurse next week.

    Thanks again


  • You'll soon be an A* student Tracy! Good luck with the mtx, Luce x

  • You need to work it out according to your lifestyle I would say. Its good to have the blood tests 5 or 6 days after the MTX if possible because this leaves the GP or nurse time to contact you if any problems before you take you next dose in case you need to adjust the dose or skip. I take mine on a Tuesday night because I wanted my weekends clear for going out at night and for driving sons around to their activities etc. It is such a lot to learn about I know - it really is like having a new subject at school but as Luce says I'm sure you'll be an A grader soon! Tilda x

  • That's a good question Tracey.... I took my first dose two weeks ago today and I'm having my first blood test after starting it on Wednesday, that was the earliest they could see me. I'm going to book the next ones when I go in so that they will be more or less every 14 days...not sure if its ok that I'm a few days over this time though.


  • Could you have the blood test on the Thursday, ie a day early? Admittedly I've been taking it for a while now with no dodgy results, but I find it has to fit in with me, rather than the other way around. I just make sure I get it done in time for the doctor to do my next prescription - might be a week earlier, might be 24 hours.

    Good luck with it,

    Dotty xx

  • I'm the same Dotty but its important for the first few blood tests to be sooner rather than later in case there are serious toleration issues. In my surgery the nurses told me to come back once a week for the first month and then it was 2 weeks and now monthly unless there's a change in dosage or meds. I started a few weeks before Xmas '11 and the practice nurse warned me to book early because there are a lot if time wasters in at Xmas and New Year and having my bloods done was a priority. Maybe you could phone and explain this to reception? Tilda x

  • Friday is methotrexate day for me. More a matter of choosing a day I'm most likely to remember! I've had no problems with tolerance at all - occasional headaches on Saturday. My blood tests are now 3 monthly. Good luck with your treatment. Hope it works well for you x

  • Thank you everyone for your help. Will see what the nurse suggests. I know at my go surgery you have to be organised and book as far ahead as you can for blood tests but then they won't let you book into the next month as the computer doesn't show it.

    How long do the blood tests need to be fortnightly for,or does it depend on your results?

    Thanks again for all your advice


  • I was told to have bloods checked every 2 weeks for the first 2 months and then all being well to go monthly.....my GP has said it's ok to have my first test a few days late but I will be doing a "block" booking if I can when I go in on Weds!!!

    Maddie x

  • I also had blood tests every 2 weeks to start with (I think it was for 4 months) and now every 4 weeks. Talk with your GP and say you would like to wait until you've had your break so you can enjoy it as the mtx may give you side effects. I always take my mtx on a Thursday so my weekend isnt spoiled with the tiredness and nausea that I sometimes (not always) experience the day after.

    Our practice nurse does my bloods and takes blood pressure and books the next test each time I'm there. I cant get my mtx repeat prescription without the test being done, so my practice knows I have to be booked in to be tested.

    I dont know about your practice but we also have a phlebotomist (sp?) on site every morning for "walk ins" to get blood tests, just show up, take a no. and wait. Our GP has on file that we need the test every month, so the request form can be given by the receptionist to take to the phlebotomist.

    Talk to your GP about this as you must have regular tests when on mtx to check cell count, liver, etc.


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