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I've just declared my RA to my travel insurer and they've come back to say I'm not covered for any medical expenses incurred either directly or indirectly as a result of my RA -- only for cancellation costs. As I'm going to the US, I'm slightly nervous that other conditions linked to immunity could be construed as having an indirect link (or even direct) link to RA. Does anyone have any advice to offer? I'm very lucky in that my RA is managed successfully by drugs, so I'm in good health. What does everyone else do?

Thank you in advance

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This is very distressing that the insurance company would respond like this, especially with the thousands and thousands of people with RD's. As you are stable on e meds this must factor into coverage? I wouldn't worry, just go and enjoy yourself.

I get insurance which covers me for all my medical issues through All Clear travel insurance. I have also used Stay Sure. Never had to claim but I would rather be safe than sorry. Clemmie

Get a few quotes from other companies that include your RA. And then ask your existing insurers what the extra premium would be to get you completely covered, making it clear that you will go elsewhere if it's too much. I think the difference I last paid for travel insurance between my OH with no illnesses and me with RA was £7.

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There are insurance companies that will cover your condition They can be found on various sites on the internet. I have not been away for a long time, although I remember in the nineties I was able to take travel insurance out by just shopping around, I suffer PSA and it is extensive I take Opiates for relief. Some of the comparison sites may be able to help. You need to sort it out as the USA can be problematic


Thank you all for your replies. Very helpful. I have now got insurance with All Clear.. just for peace of mind, really. I think I was in shock initially.... still coming to terms with having this condition! Now, I will go and enjoy!

When I used to travel to places where I wasn't sure I could get the medical care I needed, I used to see my GP and work out what the worst health risks were, and then would get a prescription pack of appropriate emergency meds to hold just in case. Depending on where I was going, that might mean having a course of antibiotics on hand, or ant diarrhoea meds, or dressing packs. If infection is your biggest risk, maybe you could ask your GP if it's worth taking a pack of antibiotics with you, and get advice on what stage you should start them.

I would definitely search around for more quotes. I went to USA early this year and the insurance cost me a small fortune compared to my non ill boyfriend but it covered everything relating to the RA. Better to be fully covered than end up with a mahoosive bill.

I have used covermore insurance . You pay more but it is worth being covered. Even a simple UTI in the US will cost you a small fortune as you are not a resident covered by insurance there.

The problem with travelling without cover for RA is that any illness or treatment for an accident is complicated by the disease and I have always taken the view that insurance without cover for RA is no cover at all. I believe an insurance company would wriggle out of any claim.

Hi Sueflower, have you tried the Post Office I get my travel insurance through them and have never had a problem.

Hi all,

just to let you all know that we have a list of insurers covering life, travel and home etc that have been used by members in the past and have been passed onto us. If anyone would like a copy of the list at any time just email us at: and we can pass it on.


Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

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