Better Boobs !!!!!

Better Boobs !!!!!

Good morning everyone. Well as the title says my boob has recovered from my mammogram. Thanks everyone for the advice given.

I have to have a nuclear x-ray on the 15th march and then its full gear for my new knee. All the bloods done and i had a ecg. plus another x-ray. To say i am eager for it to be done, is an understatement.

My hands are not getting any easier and the more i use them the worse they get. Hopefully when i get the knee sorted they will put me back on mtx i hope. I think they might even change it as i am still having breathing problems. I will enquire at the doctors this morning if my blood test is back,it was taken to see if there is any fluid there. I still feel like i have an infection. My head feels a lot better,(mind) I now know that i am not mad,mind there are some who think i am!!!

Hope you all have a lovely day. xx

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  • Hi Sylvi

    glad the mammogram seems alright and that your boobs seem to be ok.

    Lets hope you don't get another infection before your operation date.

    Stay warm & take care

    Sci x

  • Thanks sci,xx

  • Mammogram **shudders** I had one last year and I thought my poor squashed boob was going to pop. I've got a bruise patch on my boob now and I'd swear it's from the squashing. Hope you have a lovely day too Sylvi x

  • Hi Sylvi, glad everything is ok. Take care. Love LavendarLady x

  • Ouch, yeah they are so uncomfortable those mammograms aren't they, but its always good to hear everythings is ok. Have a good day and hope the weather is still good for gardening where u are.


  • No gardening today as i have been to bedworth to get some ink for the printer. I went in home bargains and as i couldn't take my big scooter in there i had to walk. Got a trolley andntook it slowly,but i am paying for it now.

    Thanks ladies for your good wishes.

    Love sylvi.xx

  • Must be time of the year for mammies, mine coming up the 29th. Some years ago there was an hysterical description of how to prepare for a mammogram, making the rounds on email. Some suggestion was to stand in front of your refrigerator door, open the door, insert boob, and slam door. Repeat on other side. There was more, I think I printed it out and if i can find it I will blog it :)

    gardening may have to wait till after the approaching storms, but mostly consists of pruning first. Cheers. L.xx

  • Storms be damned loretta,get your wrist fixed first.xx

  • Men should have to a testicle gram, they'd soon find a better way to do it .

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