I have been thinking (Dangerous I know) how good it would be if there was some sort of badge we could wear on our coats or whatever, so we could recognise who is a member of the NRAS site and maybe have a chat or a coffee if we were to bump into anyone from here when we are on our travels or holidays, You know I mean?

Just a thought as it could raise a few bob for them too.

Do say if you think I'm daft LOL


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  • No philip not daft, you mean like carrying a blue badge. It is an idea whether it would take off i don't know.....

  • Yeah , something with NRAS Forum, type of thing. Pinned to a coat or jacket.

  • Maybe you could design one Philip and then e mail NRAS with your idea.


  • Lol I wish I could, I'm no good at that sort of thing

  • We could be anywhere and if they have a badge then we could say hi or hello or even oi, lol

  • Not sure I like the idea and it flies in the face of confidentiality and labelling people!

    Beth x

  • It is only the same as wearing a rubber bracelet,

  • Hi philip i often think of those wrist bands people wear for awareness of all sorts of conditions or good causes. I remember a girl i worked with wore a pin in her uniform lapel about a heart condition she has ( she was about 20 yrs old at the time) and a elderly customer was very derogatory and unbelieving. She stopped wearing the pin. I personally would wear a wrist band and gladly pay and make a donation for R A . By the way is your piccie Speke Hall? I was there this week ( back to work next week ) for now enjoying some time off but as luck would have it i think i overdone it and my knees and ankles are swelling today. That wont stop me going out though. We're off to the Liverpool eye today and then a spot of lunch! Take care xxxx

  • Thre are unfortunately some miserable sods out there lol, the picture is of little Morton hall, a very nice place to qsee if you ever get th chance, looks very much like Speke Hall though.

    I'm going to Liverpool tomorrow to see a mobility scooter off eBay so I hope the sun is shinning lol.

    I hope things go ok next week at work and take care of them knees and ankles.


  • I. Like them Philip, when I worked for the british lung foundation we all wore a little red tie pin size balloon badge and if we saw it on someone we would always say hello! It would raise awareness well too I think. Axx

  • Exactly, that was my thought forum members only though. And as more peeps join us on here the better lol.

  • I have an NRAS rubber-type wristband given to me by my group organiser. I wear it if we go out to promote NRAS. It would be nice to have a small metal badge though, just to show our support.


  • I've had one of those but it snapped lol, I blame my big hands.

  • I have a little NRAS badge that I bought from a support group meeting but it's available through NRAS with the wristbands I believe. I think it is really good to promote NRAS as it really supports us all . I'm always suprised to see so many people at the support groups that have not joined NRAS !


  • if you go to the NRAS shop on eBay you'll find some small enamel badges, with the logo.


  • oh, forgot, they also have the wristbands....

    But my favourite, can't remember where I got it, is a sticker that says " RA - unless you've got it, you just won't get it". which sums up everyone else's lack of understanding. Although I would like one that says "this is NOT what your auntie has in her thumb" ........ Px

  • :D xx

  • Lol they sound fun stickers.

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