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Contribution ESA

Hello everyone, I have received a letter that states i am entitled to Contribution ESA for 365 days, as some of you may know that my SSP has run out, and i have been unable to work since last July :( Does anyone know if you are entitled to free prescription with this benefit, as i have tried to look it up on line, but you all know how confusing it can be, and also if any of you receive this benefit and have returned to work having to do less hours due to RA, do they still help you out with this benefit until you are able to go back to your normal hours,

thanks XXXX

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maybe best to check yourself, but when I got contribution based ESA I was told that also meant I didn't get any of the additional benefits, so no free prescriptions, dental care, or cut price swimming.... However if you own less than £16k in savings/house etc etc then you can I think apply for a prescription fee exemption. I have no idea about the less hours tho'.


HI, Sadly your not. I have just been put into the ESA support group as been off sick for 14 months now. It is all to do with it being Contribution ESA. I am waiting to be retired on ill health and I am finding the benefit system very confusing!!! The CAB are brill and a phone call away. They will tell you what your entitled too and how to apply. Hope that helps a little!! Take care.


Thank you both for your advice, I am not a expert at all with benefits, as i haven't claimed any for years, so thank you Shirley XX


Hi Shirlthegirl

As uist51 has suggested your local CAB may be able to help, or you could try the Benefits Enquiry Line (BEL) on 0800 88 22 00. This service is provided by the DWP but all calls are private and confidential. From the NHS website it look as if you are only entitled to free prescriptions when claiming income-related Employment and Support Allowance: but BEL would be able to confirm this and answer any other questions you may have about the benefit.

If you are struggling with prescription costs you may want to consider a prescription pre-payment certificate or 'season ticket' which can save you money if you are paying for multiple prescriptions each month:

Kind regards

Sarah Kate



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