For information... Did you know DLA high rate mobility also qualifys you for a Blue badge and Disabled persons bus pass

Did you know:

If you receive DLA high rate mobility it automatically qualifys you for a Blue Badge and/or a Disabled persons bus pass, you should be able to download application forms online from your local councils website or social services website.

Also, if you receive DLA middle/high rate care and in receipt of means tested benefits i.e IS/ESA/IB you also qualify for an extra disability premium.

severe disability rates 2010/11 2011/12

single person 53.65 55.30

Also if claiming housing/CT benefit you qualify for a disability element in benefit assessment.

If your home has been adapted to meet your disability needs i.e. a downstairs toilet/shower room installed/kitchen adapted you are entitled to a discount in your council tax

This is just for information as many people do not realise DLA is a piggy back benefit that qualifys you for other benefits.

For further information on any of these benefits and others contact:

Your local CAB office, welfare rights offices or financial support for disabled people.

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Thank you beth, i have just send an enquiry to my local council about getting a bus pass. I'm not allowed to drive at the moment and i have had to let my car go as it was costing money sitting in the garage,if i can get it it will be useful for me.



Your welcome Sylvi, if the info helps one person then it was worth posting. xx


you will need a letter from your GP to aply for a buspass even if you have DLA high rate,as Im in the middle of doing this at the moment.


Not sure where you were given this information Phillip but it's not right especially as most GP's charge for letters/reports these days. I'd advise you to check again perhaps with an disabled persons advice agency/charity or social services dept. Good luck. x


You do not need a letter from you GP, a copy of your award letter from DWP is enough and if additional medical information is required the company contacts the GP. For further information see link below:


Your right there,they emailed me back and told me they need prove of address and copy of letter of award of dla. I will get it sorted out soon. Thanks beth,xx


Great Sylvi hope you have it soon. xx


Just have had My Higher rate DLA taken from me.....really has left me stessed


Sammy, have you appealed this decision? You have 28 days from the date of the refusal letter and an additional 14 days if you write to ask for written reasons.

Don't just let it go - we need to fight for our rights.

I did a detailed blog on DLA sometime ago. Have a look at it as it contains a lot of useful information. LavendarLady x


Thanks so much for the above info LavenderLady....I will check your blog out....yes I have appealed..totally agree..we do need to fight for our rights


Sammy and anyone else struggling with DLA and ESA benefits check out benefits and work website it's filled with information for claiming and appeals.


thanks Beth58 will check this site out.....RA at the best of times makes you feel so lonely but having to fight for something you need deflates you even more


Sammy I know what you mean about feeling so deflated and helpless when the they make these kind of decisions, it beggars believe that they can withdraw benefit for a degenerative condition with the side effects caused by medications.

Use your strength and anger at them to fight their decision, get as much information (letters of support from nurse/physio/consultant etc) this will give a clear picture of your condition and help your appeal. I'd also advise you to get support from the CAB or another welfare rights agency (that's if there's still any in your area). If not if you can afford it enlist the help of a solicitor who specialises in benefit appeals get one. We all need this type of support at some time especially when dealing with DWP decisions/appeals.

Good luck. xxx


I keep looking at these sites to help me get pip, but all I can see is it costs you £18 ...which I can't afford, need some help knowing what they will ask me when I go for assessment ....thank you


You can also get all the information you need from CAB and its website Advice Guide. They also have booklets which you can ask for as well.

Check out the detailed blog I did on DLA sometime ago as it sets out how to appeal etc.

A number of gas and electricity companies also have a disabled tariff - worth having a look at the different web sites.

LavendarLady x


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