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medication review

Had a doctors appointment today and was freezeing cold out their,

they wanted to review my medication and see how i was,

i had to be truthful and tell them the medication is not working and i am meant to be starting enbrel injection and havent heard from the rhuemy department,

so the doctor rang them about it and left them a voice message about when it be,

so i was given tramadol painkillers for the mean time

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Hope you get your meds sorted out soon.






I hope you get started on Enbrel soon - it seems to work wonders for many people. Tilda


i hope so i cannot wait for it as im in so much pain


Hope you are sorted soon x


Keep ringing the rheumy until someone gets you sorted


Speaking as one who is on Embrel, you will feel a lot better once you are on it. It did take a while from when it was decided to have it to start, your consultant as to complete forms for the PCT and then it goes to committee, if they have just missed it will have to go to the next one. Once the permission has been granted, your prescription is sent to HealthCare at Home who then arrange for it to be delivered to your home along with a sharps bin. You will receive a telephone call from your consultants office to inform you of the nurse from HCH will be contacting you to arrange a visit. This all takes time and feel likes years whilst you are in lot of pain. I hope this will help to alleviate your frustrations at the moment with it all. Take care. xxx


thankyou that does help


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