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Just thought I would say 'Hi!'

Hello everyone,

I thought i would stop by to just say hi!

I have now had two lots of my Cimzia, I didn't cry so much this time, I can't say I have noticed any real improvement, I am still swollen, tender and still in pain - but I do feel a bit better in myself, its as if I am beginning to come to terms with this thing!

Work is still terrible, my union rep has been brilliant, and has given me hope. I really dont know how colleagues can just completely ignore me, sit with their back turned towards me and make me feel like a leaper!

I have come to the conclusion that their ignorance is down to the fact that they just dont want to understand. The teaching staff have been wonderful, very supportive and pop by just to give me a friendly smile and a reassuring hug, it hasn't stopped me feeling lonely, but it has given me strength to know that I am going to be ok, and that in time my RA will get under control and maybe, just maybe - I will get a bit of my life back!

Im off to see my consultant on Thursday, I have a few questions to ask him, and I will have my bloods done tomorrow - I am looking forward to seeing the results!

Anyway - I do hope that you are all getting on well, as painfree as you can be and ready for the festive season!

Take care peeps,

Pen ;)

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Those colleagues are so spiteful think it is so horrid!, I think the cimza will take a couple of months but dont give up! keep going xx

thinking of you

Alison x


Thank you Alison!

Im aiming for Christmas!!! Ho Ho Ho!!!

Take care xx


Hi Pen,

People can be so ignorant re RA, stay strong and keep positive, glad the Cimzia is going well.



I think you're right! Ignorance is a bad thing!

I will keep you posted!!!



Lets hope that your collegues don't get ra as they wouldn't know what hit them. I also bet they wouldn't be able to cope as well as you have. My theory on what i have wrong is god only gives us what he knows we can cope with,i wonder some days,but a person of lesser strengh than us couldn't cope. So my friend your doing well and keep strong.

Sylvi. xx


Funny you should say that! I mentionedto a friend that I wouldnt wish this disease on any one -

I always thought I was weak - but I must be made of some tough stuff!!!

Thank you - you are an inspiration!!

Hope you are having a good day!!

:) Pen


greetings from new jersey



Greetings - hope New Jersey is treating you well!!!


Awww Pen can't believe your colleagues how horrible you have to cope with them as well as the ra. I never understand why people are so horrible - I really hope the cimizia works for you sooner rather than later.


Thank you!


pj hi

thanks...where r u located?



Bournemouth, but have spent time in Duluth, Minesota!!!!


Hi, stay positive, it took me a while for my cimzia to kick in, hopefully you will see an improvement in your CRP when you get your blood results. Its so much better when you only have to have 1 injection rather than two, and make sure you let it come up to room temp before using, that helps too. Take care, x


Thank you, am having a really bad day - but trying to be positive!!!

Take care too x



i knew this older man in bournemoth who was a record collector..isnt bournemoth on the coast?



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