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Haven't been on much recently. I got a severe pain in my neck ( yes I've heard all the jokes!!) which has cause weakness in my left arm and pins and needles in my right and back pains. So been on Morphine 30ms ( wow its good stuff!!) but its made me sleep hours and hours. Had my MRI scan on Friday , yep me with the phobia!!..I did it. Now i'm waiting for results but dont know when as its bank holiday.

Been reading blogs and hi to everyone whos just joined the site xx

Cant type long obviously but thinking of you all.


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Hi Alannah,

Glad u have had your scan and hopefully will help resolve problem, gosh pain must be awful, morphine would knock you out.

Well done with MRI not so bad as u thought I guess but not pleasant experience for many, enclosed spaces etc.

Hopefully, things will improve for you soon, sounds like a trapped nerve! Dr. Gina (as my OH calls me)

Xx Gina.


hope so and that they caN FIX IT , like Jim'll....



Allanah, can't have morphine as it makes me crazy,yes i too have heard all the jokes as well. Lets hope now that you have had the mri they will find out whats wrong and then get it sorted. Jim'll have a job fixing it now!!!!

sylvi. xx


Sorry you're having a lot of pain. Confined space doesn't bother me as much as not being able to move. It hurts more when I lie still. Morphine does wonders though. Hope you manage to find some relief.


Hello Allanah, good to hear from you.

I have the same problem at the moment real bad neck pain and difficulty using the lap top so like you I have been away from the forum. I have never been offered morphine might look into it if this doesn't ease up.


Hi Allanah - well done for having that MRI scan- at least that's one anticipated horror you can put behind you - I dread having one of those because I'm completely claustraphobic too. Yeah blame the morphine for being nutty - I have no excuse at all but am definitely the family fruitcake! TTx


lol you lot,

heres me in absolute agony about to die in excruciating pain (well a sore neck) and you all debate me being crazy ha ha hee heee.

No actually you have made me laugh so much and I will continue to blame the morphine, though i suspect i was like it before!

got out of my physio today though as he says i cant have it like this yeah!!

love u all, lol Axx


Nice to hear from you take care x


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