The launderette

My flipping washing machine broke a few weeks back. I don't have the money to replace it. I'm not that bothered because I quite like going to the launderette (reminds me of my youth!), and you meet interesting people at the launderette.

I'd allowed the washing to pile up, until I quite literally had no clean knickers. So this morning I stuck it all in a massive back pack. I can no longer carry such a heavy load so stuck it on a sack trolley, and off I trundled to the bus stop. I am pretty tired today, do it was a bit of a chore; but needs must and all that.

I gave the driver of the bus a ten pound note, and asked for six pound travel ticket. I was expecting him to give me pound coins in the change (washers take pound coins). He gave me 2 two pound coins. Don't you have any pound coins? I asked. Nope, he said. So I stood at the front of the bus and cheerfully asked the other passengers if they had any pound coins to swap. Any one would think I'd just asked them if they had any crack! Seriously, the look on their faces, and not a smile from one of them. Not a single person even bothered looking in their purse.

I know folks have their troubles, but really, it costs nowt to smile! I was trying to be so cheerful too. Now I'm as grumpy as they all were!😳

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  • The big poops!

  • So sad that people behave like that these days take care, I hope your day improves x

  • Put your smile back on please.


  • Maybe later!

  • Well, now I'm home and have hit the painkillers. Nearly every joint in my body hurts. And just to round the morning of nicely, I'd forgotten to take the doggie poo bags out of my jeans pocket. They melted in the drier! 😡


  • I take it that they were empty...


  • Fortunately yes. That would have made the cack really hit the fan wouldn't it!

  • Where's the Christmas spirit? Though it shouldn't just be Christmas, I'd have looked if I had some to swap for you Nettie, it takes nothing does it? I had a different experience this morning. I stopped for two men at a supermarket zebra crossing this morning, what I assumed to be a pensioner & his son. The son waved me on but I indicated it was ok & I'd wait. Well, talk about a slow shuffle, the elderly man was pushing the loaded trolley & on top were 2 boxes, both scooters. The son pretended to take a scooter out of a box & made out as though he scooted off. We both laughed, leaving the older man looking bemused.

  • Hehe, that's cute!

    I think the problem on the bus was that half the people on it were hooked up to their phones. Some just didn't give a stuff, and the rest thought I was a vagrant.

    Talking of vagrants, there was a homeless chap in the launderette the other day. He came in and carefully placed one glove in the dryer. I smiled at him, he nodded, then sat down to eat a Bakewell tart out of a crusty looking box.

    I bet that one dry glove made all the difference to that chap. Bless his socks.

    OK, I'll stop being frumpy now. 😏

  • Grumpy, not frumpy!

  • Thank you made me smile, not much is working at the moment.


  • Bless you. Know the feeling. Life can be s bit stinky sometimes eh? Just imagine you are putting all the stickiness in dryer!! 😇

  • Sausage fingers are the pits!! A chimp could type better than me...seriously!!

    Have a lovely Christmas 🎄

  • Tell me about it. I dropped a 8 pack of caffeine free diet coke at Sainsburys. Lad on till gave me paper to clean up, when we really needed a bag to put the cans in. Lady worker helped me put the cans in and we were slightly blocking the aisle. A really horrible man demanded to go pass, and had a go at the lady. I pointed out the the trolley was protecting a spillage. He just barged pass.

    I keep dropping everything. I am getting fed up of picking things up. My fingers just don't want to grip.

    Oh well, hey, ho. I have physio on Thursday so hopefully he will tackle my fingers.

    (Sent from phone, feet tucked in foot warmer.)


  • Poor you. It can be a humiliating, frustrating illness.

    It would have served that man right if he'd slipped on his butt!

    I went on a smashing walk with a friend just the other day. In the freezing cold she had set up a picnic on the ground. You should have seen me trying to sit down on the ground. Getting up was even worse...a fork lift truck would have been handy!

    One needs a sense of humour. Luckily I was blessed with a good amount. Sometimes though I do have toddler tantrums, and hit trees with my stick. It tends to scare the natives! But I recommend it!

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