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Cant afford RA anymore!

Can i opt out of RA please, i simply cant afford it any more. In the two years since my diagnosis i've had to buy an automatic car, loads of kitchen gadgets including double handle saucepans which were only available in the most expensive brand. New shoes- only fit flops give me some relief from foot pain but my purse went ouch instead. Indoors more and sitting about so burning more electricity and gas and we've all felt their prices rise. And of course those prescription cards. All on a very reduced wage as i cant do as many hours any more and now work are hinting very strongly that i'm not reliable enough for them anymore- just had a week off for a chest infection. Waiting for my pension prediction to arrive in case i'm forced down the ill health retirement road but i know it wont be enough to live on - whats a girl supposed to do ? I haven't got the energy to fight benefit people and as i've worked all my life i'm not qualified in getting the paperwork right - everyone was really shocked when i only got the lowest amount of DLA. Grrrrrrrrrr !!!

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Hi Cherry

If I only had a magic wand. I agree with you entirely and I would go a step further and banish it or invent effective medication that worked for everyone.

Until then - hope your ra behaves itself and is kind to you.

Sci :D


HI Cherry,

I know that feeling! but would you be without that automatic car or gadgets?

It is very expensive though, even more so in my country than in the U.K. I have no NHS, so its chi ching all the way!

xx Gina.


Unfortunately everything is costing more and more, I think we are all in the same boat in one way or another with this rotten RA.


Hi Cherry,

Do you have an occupational therapist I wonder? If so he or she should be able to help you get gadgets for free or at a reduced rate. Mine works for community social services and I was referred to her by the NHS physio. I'm lucky to live in Scotland where prescriptions are still free for everyone but even so it is an expensive business I agree.

I haven't got an automatic car as hubby bought one when I was too preoccupied to notice (kind of early 50th birthday prez to himself!) and consequently it's very nice as a boy toy but is really heavy to manoever and I have had several periods where my wrists and shoulders have been too sore to do the ignition, seatbelt or gears. Fine to drive again now though thankfully but I do wish I'd paid more attention to it when he was looking! TTx


Hi Cherry,

I think its easy to opt out of RA, just send your form to "The Government," Houses of Parliament, London or "White House" , America and they will understand the pain and complete change to your life and then will helpfully give you money, cars, servants and a house with a hydrotherapy pool, free prescriptions , magic wand, Jimmy Choo flip flops and a twice daily massage by Brad Pitt or Jennifer Aniston.

oooh just woke up...what was our question Cherry!!

lol and i am giggling a bit!!!( And you might have to tell them what RA means!!)



ooooh, that's a good one Allanah! Still think you could be a writer for the BBC, or the Comedy Club :) L.xx


Is the dla component for care or mobility. You might want to appeal as you should get some success. Its no bloody fun having ra. Its 4.00am here in windy bukngton and both my hands are sore so i know how you feel. Take care.sylvi.xx


Hi cherry,

With regard to the forms google dial uk.

I understand that they are very helpful (haven't contacted them myself but my daughter who works for charities has told me that one of her once fundraisers went to see them and they sorted all the forms out and told her just what she was entitled to claim for).

May be a way forward

Good luck



Thanks for all your comments, the great thing about this site is that you really feel that people understand and you can guarantee that at least one comment will make you smile - thanks Allanah. If only it was that easy to say look ive tried these hands, followed the instructions on how to use and maintain them and they just dont work so can i have my money back please or a replacement pair ? Dream on ! Take care all, xx


Hi Cherry, know exactly what you mean. RA is so expensive with all the different things we have to get to enable us to function each day.

The occupational therapist should be able to help - if you don't have one, there will be one at the hospital who can advise you.

Good luck. LavendarLady x


hi cherry try the red cross organisation for help with disabled gadgets they are really helpful they asess your needs and supply you with whatever they can i have some really useful equipment on loan from them which didnt cost a thing,also you mentioned work im also going through this myself at the minute with the company ive worked with for over 20years who also say im unreliable and who are starting to take me down the ill health route i went to see a solicitor regarding this and his advice was to me to sit tight and not put my notice in as thats what they want so they dont have to pay you off,go and see a solicitor mine was free for the first session or even the citizens advice and just see how you stand


Hi thanks, yes think a trip to CAB is needed and also waiting for union to get back to me. Am i right in thinking that you can be dismissed on ill health grounds though? and when you say 'pay you off' would that be like redundancy terms? Im also waiting for my pensions people to give me an idea of ill heath retirement, but didnt really want to be put on scrap heap yet, but too tired to fight! x


hi cherry in my situation i have actually been off work for 2years but as i refuse to put my notice in as i always hoped i would return my employers have decided that this is the route to take with me as the job im under contract for i can no longer do they have looked at other jobs for me but alas nothing has come up they are now sending me to an independant o t and if they say im not fit to do my job work can actually force my hand and finish me on sick grounds but also to do this they may have to do it with some sort of settlement as of my long service with them it may be different for you but dont give up and dont let your employers win its not your fault you have this illness good luck


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