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Can consultants give you a sick note/fit for work note?

I'm supposed to go back to work on Friday but they won't allow me back without a fit for work note. There are no appointments available at my GP's this week plus I am due to see two consultants this Thursday, Opthamologist in the morning and Rheumy in the afternoon. Can your Rheumy give you a sick note or does it have to be a GP?

Cheers. xxx

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Did your last certificate actually say that you could return to work this Friday? If it did not then you will have to see your GP for another certificate to say that you can go back, these can be backdated so you could see your GP on Monday.

The only time I have received a certificate from the hospital was when I was an in-patient, other than that not sure.


I received a sick note from the Hospital emergency department when i had to attend just before i was diagnosed, and also when i had to take time of with my shoulders i was also given one from a consultant, so i don't see any reason why they can't, You could phone and ask, but i'm sure they can, Take Care, Glad that you must be feeling a lot better to return XX


Hi dogrose. Follow-on certification is usually done by the GP although it might be worth asking at your rheumy appointment. If you call your surgery and explain they should be able to either find out from your GP if they can do a cert for you without seeing you or arrange a phone consult. Most GPs are happy to do follow-on certs without seeing you if they're aware of your condition as it frees up appointments. Also, they can back-date the certificates to make sure there are no gaps so please try not to worry x


Thanks for the replies, I took a chance and rung the surgery first thing (sneaky me, called at 8.29) and actually managed to get a same day appointment so I'm all sorted now!


Thats good news that you got sorted.

Hope everything goes well once you return to work.




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